The Adventures of the Lou
By Tab Leslie

Part 1: Louis’ Life.

In the town of Albuquerque, New Mexico there lived an ordinary 16-year-old boy by the name of Louis Harivon.
Louis was a fine young man with many different talents and interests. He was very intelligent and top student in all his classes. He was a master at memorizing all his favorite TV shows and movies; he loved to read comic books and loved technology.
Although he was a magnificent boy, everyone looked down upon him. He was often picked on at school and treated like an outcast; he was branded as a nerd. One of the reasons was because he had two older brothers named Chris and Jason who were handsome, successful athletes, and the two most popular guys in the whole school. Louis wasn’t anything like them. Jason and Chris were almost ashamed that Louis was their brother.
Louis only had one close friend that he has known since childhood, his best friend Keith Carter. Keith was fairly popular and a master musician, especially on guitar.
But with a lot of disappointment in Louis’ life with being an outcast, having his older brothers ashamed of him and not having a girlfriend that he’s always wanted, Louis often wished he lived in a world of fantasy and science fiction. Little does he know his wish would soon be granted.
On a bright sunny morning in New Mexico, all the teens of Hullabaloo High walked up to the school with the hope of a good day. Some would have a better day then others. Louis arrived at the school as his aunt dropped him off.
“Have a good day Louis,” his aunt said cheerfully, “And don’t forget to call if you’re going to be late comin’ home again!” She sneered.
“Yes Auntie Dearest” Louis said in a mocking tone as his aunt drove away. He just sighed. “Well here we go, another miserable day of my life.”
Keith was sitting on the steps of the school, listening to his MP3. He then saw Louis and ran up to greet his long time pal.
“Hey Lou!” Keith said to Louis.
“Hey Keith buddy!” Louis said high fiving him. “What’s new?”
“Aw dude, you would not believe it!” Keith started “My wicked cool, awesome band The Molten Lava Guys…landed our first gig!”
“No way! That’s amazing!” Louis cried.
“I know!” Keith replied.
“Where are you guys playing at?” Asked Louis.
“Believe it or not, the school dance next week.” Keith said as he and Louis entered the school.
“The school dance?” Louis asked. “Wow, I can’t believe Principal Chopper is actually letting your band play. He hates rock n’ roll.”
Keith nervously laughed. “Yeah, he doesn’t know my band is playing.”
“What?” Louis cried. “Keith, are you nuts? You’ll get busted for sure! He always chaperones the dances! ALWAYS!”
“Hey no worries man! I got the whole thing figured out.” Keith said with hubris.
“Boy I can hardly wait to hear your plans.” Louis said sarcastically.
“So what’s new with you?” Keith asked. Louis took his backpack off and pulled out a brand new comic book in a plastic bag with a picture of a male warrior in a suit of armor, and his sword in the air and standing on top of a dead 5 headed monster.
“Check it out man; I finally acquired issue Number 87 of The Chronicles of Trivic comic book series!”
“Whoa!” Keith said amazed. “That’s the one where Trivic defeats the Wicked Warrior Wizard, Wringcock’s five head serpent servant. And then he finally defeats Wringcock, saves the universe and gets the beautiful princess!”
“Wrong!” Louis said “This is the one where Wringcock’s five headed serpent defeats Trivic and brings him back to the dungeon/ tourcher chamber and reveals Wringcocks’ plans. He doesn’t save the world till the final one hundredth issue.”
“You really are a nerd you know that?” Keith said teasing him.
“It’s not so bad being a nerd; I just wish people didn’t look down on me so much.” Louis said.
Then suddenly, his mint condition issue of The Chronicle of Trivic was snatched from his hand from the school’s biggest and dumbest bully, Brick Barson.
“Well well well, if it ain’t Little Louie and his geeky, stinky comic book!” Brick said in a mocking tone.
“Hey, give my comic back Brick!” Louis exclaimed. “It took me months to get that issue!” Louis jumped up to grab his comic back, but Brick was taller and Louis couldn’t reach for it.
“C’mon Louis, try and get it!” Brick said.
But Louis eventually got tired from jumping up and down. He was never physically active.
“Man you are so weak. You’ll never be as cool and as athletic as your brothers.” Brick then started laughing, soon all the kids in the area started laughed at Louis.
“Hey knock it off!” Keith cried. “Nobody messes with my nerdy friend expect me!”
“Gee thanks for the help.” Louis said sarcastically. Brick then picked Keith up by his bling bling and tossed him aside.
“Man Harivon, you can never learn to stand up for yourself, can ya?” Asked Brick. “Maybe I should just rip up your comic book to shreds, that’ll hurt ya.”
“NOOOO!!!!” Louis cried. Just as Brick was about to rip the comic book in half, Louis’ two older brothers came up and stopped Brick from destroying his beloved book.
“Hey, Barson!” Chris called out. Brick turned and saw Chris and Jason behind him. Brick was in awe that the school’s top two athletes were actually talking to him. He dropped to his knees and bowed before them.
“Oh wondrous Jason and Chris Harivon!” Brick said. “To what do I owe this pleasure to be in your presents?”
“Get a hold of yourself, Marion.” Chris said. Louis snickered quietly at the fact that Brick’s real name was Marion. Brick shot him an evil glare and he then shut his mouth and stood up straight.
“I believe you’ve got something of our little bro’s, Dude” Jason said in his surfer voice.
“Oh you mean this?” Brick asked. “Oh yeah!” He handed it back to Louis. “I was just holding it for Louis here so he wouldn’t accidently ruin it.” He put his arm around Louis to make it look like their pals. “After all, we are best buds, right Louis?”
“Help me!” Louis said meekly.
“Well all right, but if you mess with our lil’ bro or his stuff again, you’ll have to answer to us!” Chris said while punching his fist into his hand.
“Yes, Your Excelentness!” Brick said in a panic and ran for his life.
Louis sighed in relief. “Thanks Jason, thanks Chris, I thought my comic book and my life were doomed.”
“Yeah, well don’t expect it often, Louis. We can’t keep standing up for you. We’ve got a reputation to keep.” Chris said.
“Yeah dude, you got to learn to like, stand up for yourself.” Jason said.
“I try, but I can’t just seem to…” Louis started, but was interrupted when a couple of the popular kids walked by and Chris and Jason had to leave.
“Sorry Lou, but we can’t be seen talking to you. Bye!” Chris said. He and Jason then leaves poor Louis in the dust. Louis just sighed as Keith came up after he was thrown aside.
“You okay, bro?” Keith asked.
“Yeah. I guess.” Louis said disappointedly “There are days I wish I could just have a life just like Trivic.”
“You mean you WANT to go around and fight bad guys all the time? Risking your life for a snobby, tyrannical king?” Keith asked.
“YES!” Louis said. “I want to have adventures every day and battle the forces of evil. But most of all, I want to be respected and for once for people to not look down upon me like I’m a piece of dirt!”
“I don’t treat you like dirt.” Keith said.
“No you don’t, you’re the only person who’s ever been nice to me.” Louis said. “But you know what I mean.”
“Yeah, I do.” Keith said. “Look dude, if you want respect, get out there and show the world what Louis Nicolas Harivon is made of!”
“You’re right, Keith!” Louis said, “I’ve got to do something that’ll get everyone to respect me. But what?”
“You’re a good artist, why don’t you start your own comic book series?” Keith suggested. “Or better yet, you’re good at both drawing and computer 3-D animation, why don’t you make a movie?”
“Great idea!” Louis said “But what could I make?”
“How about a movie based on Trivic?” Keith said.
“Awesome idea Keith!” Louis said. The bell then rang. “Well we better get to class.”
“Man I hate first period!” Keith moaned. “I mean when are we ever gonna use Sci-Fi literacy in real life?”
“It comes in handy if you wanna be a writer.” Louis said.
A few hours later, everyone went to lunch. As usual, Louis only got to sit with his only friend Keith. While Keith was chewing on his Tuna Noodle Cheese Surprise Casserole, Louis was reading his new Trivic comic book.
“Ugh!” Keith swallowed. “What in the heck is this slop made of? It’s nasty!”
“That’s why I pack a lunch.” Louis said.
“No wonder people think you’re a dork.” Keith said. Louis glared at him. “Sorry.”
“Well, you’re not exactly lying,” Louis said. “I’m the most unpopular guy in school. I mean I get like five beatings a day. And I ain’t just talking about school”
“C’mon man, your life isn’t that bad!” Keith said trying to cheer him up. Just then a senior and his girlfriend came over a slammed Louis’ head into Keith’s Tuna Noodle lunch.
“Hey! What’d you do that for?” Louis demanded
“Nothin’. We just love to mess with Louis the Loser!” The senior boy said. He and his girlfriend just walked away laughing at poor Louis.
“See what I mean?!” Louis shouted. He dug through his backpack to get his glasses cleaners. “Face it I’m a loser!”
“You are not! You can’t let all those guys get you down buddy!” Keith said. “I mean look at yourself, you’re the smartest kid school, in the whole U.S. even. You could wind up richer then Gill Bates and Ronald Rump!”
“Maybe.” Louis said. “But look at you; you’re the coolest guy in school. You can play 5 different interments at the same time! You’ll probably become a more legendary musician then the band Hugz.”
“Can’t argue with you there dude.” Keith said. “But you got to cheer up. Life ain’t gonna be like your Trivic comic.”
“I know.” Louis said sadly. “But wouldn’t it be awesome though? I’d be a hero! No one would see me as the little guy, and I could teach that jerk Brick a lesson!” Louis shock his hands with excitement while holding his comic book, that a red jewel tied to a gold ribbon came flying out of the back of the pages.
“Hey, what’s that?” asked Keith. Louis turned around and saw the red gem.
“I don’t know.” Louis said while he picked up the gem. “The Trivic comic books never sold anything like this before.” Louis flipped through the pages of the comic to see if there was any information on the gem. He then came to the last page and saw an ad for the gem. “’The Rare Scarlet Olivian Wishing Gem, as featured in issue Number 42 of The Chronicles of Trivic comic book series.’ Oh that’s why it looks so familiar. Trivic had a wishing gem like this back in that issue.”
“A wishing gem? Does it work?” Keith asked eagerly.
“And you’ve been telling me to get real.” Louis chuckled. “Too bad it doesn’t really work; I’d use it to wish that I had a life exactly like Trivic.”
“That or you could wish for a date for the dance next week.” Keith said. He and Louis then gathered up their things and made their way to the halls.
“That’d be nice.” Louis said. “I asked every girl in this school to go with me and I either got a no, a big fat no, laughed in my face or an anvil dropped on my head.”
“Anvil?!” Keith asked.
“Well no,” Louis said “but when I asked out that Tammy Clark girl, she looked like she wanted to drop something on my head.” Oddly enough, as Keith and Louis walked passed Tammy Clark’s locker, only a few inches away from Louis as he walked by, an anvil fell from the ceiling.
“Dang it! I missed!” Said Tammy from inside another locker.
“If this thing did work, I could probably wish for myself to stand up to that jerk face, Brick!” Louis said. Keith then gulped. “What’s wrong?” Louis paused. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”
Keith nodded. Louis slowly looked behind him and saw Brick red in the face.
“Ahh!” screamed Louis. “Heya Brick, what’s happening?”
“We have a little score to settle here, Louie,” Brick said while punching his fist into his hand. “I was about to rip up your beloved comic book and give you the worse beating of your life until Jason and Chris got in the way! Well, your super cool brothers ain’t here to protect you now!”
“Okay, okay,” Louis said calmly. “First, I’d like to say one thing…Bye!” He and Keith ran down the left hallway.
“Hey! Come back here Rocky and Ginger!” Brick called out as he chased them both.
Louis and Keith ran as fast as they could down the hall. They were panting and loosing their breath so badly, Louis had to use his inhaler.
“What are we gonna do?” Keith asked.
Louis then spotted the janitor’s closet. “In there!” He and Keith made their way into the closet and locked the door behind them. Brick eventually found them and tried to open the door. He thought about giving up, but that didn’t stop him from trying to ram the door!
“I’m gonna get you whimps!” Brick said as he rammed his flat head into the door.
“Oh man! You got to do something, Lou!” Keith said.
“What can I do?” asked Louis. “I’m nothing!”
“Would you stop?” Keith asked as he used his body to try to hold back the door. “Ya know, sooner or later you’re gonna have to face Brick.”
“I prefer later.” Louis said as he helped Keith hold up the door. Bricks rams grew more and more furious.
“We got to do somethin’ dude!” Keith said.
“What can we do?” Louis asked.
“You’re the genius here! You figure it out!” Keith yelled.
Louis looked around but couldn’t find anything that would help. “There’s nothing in here we can use. Man, why me? I wish I could live in the world of Trivic!”
As soon as Louis said that, the Scarlet gem glew bright red and floated out of his pocket. Louis and Keith were shocked at the glowing crystal. The next thing they know, the red gem zapped them and they disappeared. The gem then dropped down to the ground and went from scarlet red to black. Brick finally broke in and was dumbfounded when he saw that Louis and Keith were gone.
“Hey where’d they go?” asked Brick. He looked down and saw the former scarlet gem. “Hey! Cool crystal.”

Meanwhile with Louis and Keith they were falling down a fast vortex taking them to another world. They screamed bloody murder as they fell.
“What’s happening?” Keith shouted.
“I dunno.” Louis said. “But according to my calculations, we are possibly arriving at our destination in 3, 2, 1…Oof!”
Louis and Keith were finally out of the portal and landed on the hard cold ground.
“Oh! My head! I think I‘m gonna be sick!” Keith gagged. “Yo Louis, what did you do?” Louis didn’t answer. “Louis? Yo man, what’s wrong with you?”
“Look.” Louis said memorized. Keith gasped. They looked beyond the horizon and saw the magnificent kingdom of Animachia from the Trivic comic books.
“No way! What is this place? Were are we?” Keith asked.
“Isn’t it obvious.” Asked Louis. “We’re in the totally awesome and magical kingdom of Animachia!” Louis said as he fell to his knees. “Oh man! Do you know what this means? The Scarlet gem I had WORKED!”
“Worked?” Keith asked “What choo talkin’ ‘bout Louis?”
“Don’t you remember?” Louis asked “The gem from the comic? It must’ve been real, and all this, it’s real. That means the Trivic Chronicles aren’t just stories, they are all real! My life long wish has come true!!!” Keith smacked him.
“Snap out of it Harivon!” Keith told him. “We are NOT in Animachia. What happened was we obviously fell through a trap door in Janitor Joe’s closet. He always has that closet rigged.”
“A trap door?” Louis asked.
“Yeah. Ya know the guy is a real freaky janitor, and with that lazy eye…” Keith shuddered.
“That’s true. But how do you explain this?” Louis asked pointing to the kingdom.
“Well um…uh….Maybe…” Keith stammered until Louis interrupted.
“Maybe….WE ARE ACTUALLY IN ANIMACHIA!” Louis yelled. Louis was overly excited to finally be in the kingdom he’s read and watched about since he was a little boy. “Oh boy this is awesome! We can slay the monsters and dragons, battle evil witches and sirens and best of all…I get to meet TRIVIC!”
“How do we even know that Trivic is here?” Asked Keith.
“This is his kingdom.” Louis asks. “He grew up here. And I’m going to live here.”
“Live here?!” cried Keith. “Oh no, no, no, no! We are not staying! We are gonna find away to get back home!“
“Good luck Keith but it doesn’t look like there’s another way back home.” Louis said.
“Do you still have that red crystal?” Keith asked.
Louis turned out his pants pockets and sweater pockets. There was nothing in them except for some pocket lint.
“Well this is great, JUST great!” Keith cried. “How could things get any worse?!”
Just then five royal nights on gray steeds came riding up and surrounded Louis and Keith. They were armed with deadly swords.
“Halt in the name of the king!” Shouted the Captain on the knights.
Louis and Keith put their arms up and shook in fear.
“I hate you so much right now!” Keith said.
“Tell me something I haven’t heard.” Louis said.

Part 2: Dreams Come True (Sort of)

The knights captured Louis and Keith by tying them up and throwing them into the back of the cart.
“Why are you doing this?” Keith asked.
“For illegal witchcraft and sorcery.” said the captain.
“What?!” Louis asked. “We didn’t use witchcraft! We’re not even magic!” The captain held his sword against Louis’ throat.
“Silence knave!” shouted the captain. “We shalt see what their royal highnesses, the king and queen thinketh.” The captain gave the orders and the band of knights moved out and headed for the castle.
“Great, now we’re going to be killed! Thanks a lot Louis!” Keith sneered.
“How the heck was I suppose to know this would happen?!” Louis asked.
“You had the stinkin’ crystal!” Keith cried.
“I didn’t know it worked!” Louis shouted.
The knights made it to the castle and as they parked the horses, they shackled Louis and Keith’s hands behind their backs and pulled them out of the cart.
“Let’s go, heathens!” The captain said, kicking them. Keith just glared at them.
The knights brought the two boys inside the castle and made their way to the court room. Keith looked around the castle and thought of how cool it would be for him to live in a place like it.
“If we weren’t about to die, this would be kind of cool right now.” Keith said. He then had a thought. “On the other hand, who knows? Maybe once the king sees that we’re non-magical, they’ll let us go.”
“Oh, but thou has not met thy king.” said a knight. “He will surely deliver a harsh punishment for even the littlest crimes. Face it, thou art doomed!”
“He’s right, Keith.” Louis said. “I read about King Syrus, he’s brutal!”
Keith glared at Louis; blaming him for the situation they’re in. Keith always glared at some one or something when he was ticked off.
The trumpets blew as the page announced, “The Royal Court is now in session, bring the prisoners forward!”
The knights then came through the doors and threw Louis and Keith before the king and queen.
“Bow before their royal highnesses, King Maurice Bishop-Gilfred-Wendell Syrus XVII and his wife Queen Emily Crystal Syrus! Let the trial begin!” Said the page.
“You’re Majesty, thy brave knights bear witnessed to the forbidden acts of witch craft preformed by these two traitorous young men.”
“Please Your Kingliness, Your Queenliness, we weren’t doing anything wrong! We don’t…” Keith started to say until a knight punched him in the back of the head.
“Silence! Do not speak unless I have addressed thee first!” Shouted King Syrus. “Now for committing such a heinous crime, I hereby sentence thee to…”
“Wait!” Interrupted Queen Emily. “How do we even know that these boys are truly wicked? They could be sorcerers come to help our kingdom in its dire time of need.”
“My dear Queen Emily,” King Syrus said. “You forget that there are no good sorcerers left in this realm. They have all turned to the side of evil, and became masters of the Dark Arts!”
“Is this the world you’ve been wanted to live in, Louie?” Keith asked him.
“I don’t understand.” Louis whispered. ”I thought for sure Trivic would be here.”
“Not all, we still have Trivic left.” Queen Emily told her husband.
And through the double doors, came non other then Louis’ long time hero and the reason he was here, the muscular, blond heroic-looking Trivic in the living flesh. Louis’ jaw dropped and he let out a huge gasp.
“Oh my gosh!” Louis said stunned “It’s Trivic!”
Trivic kneeled before the king and queen. “Your royal highnesses,” Trivic said “I, Trivic have defeated the evil king Ray-Lord of the dreaded Raylin clan! Behold!”
He reached into his sack and pulled out the head of the Raylin king, a little red creature with wild hair, a long nose and a crown and X’s in his eyes. The king and queen were stunned.
“Well done Trivic!” Said King Syrus. “Yet again, you have thwarted our enemies and saved our kingdom from evil. Huzzah!”
“Huzzah!” Cheered the members of the royal court.
“And for that, you will be greatly rewarded.” Said Queen Emily. “5,000 pounds of gold and a new palace shall be built for your new home.”
“Thank you graciously, Milady,” Trivic said. He then noticed Louis and Keith. “And who might these two be?” Louis then fell flat on his face and bowed before Trivic.
“Oh great Trivic!” Louis said. “I am nothing more but a fan of yours and you are my hero! Your adventures and missions have inspired me and entertained me through out my sad childhood! I worship you!” Everyone just stared at him in confusion.
“Uh Louis, I know you’re star stricken and all. But…” Keith started, and then cried like a baby. “We’re gonna die! I don’t wanna die! I’m too young and pretty to die!”
“Enough!” King Syrus yelled. “Take these two Neanderthals to… The Dungeon of the Eternal Plague!” Louis gasped.
“Oh man, I read about the Dungeon of the Eternal Plague.” Louis said “They put prisoners there and they make them suffer from a deadly plague for eternity!”
The knights then dragged Louis and Keith away as they were struggling to get free. As they were being taken away, Louis’ new Trivic comic books fell out his pocket. Trivic picked it up and was surprised to see his face on the cover of this book.
“Halt!” Trivic called out. The knights stopped dragging Louis and Keith. Everyone was confused on why he stopped them.
“Trivic, what is the meaning of this?” Asked King Syrus.
“Young strange men,” Trivic said to Louis. “Where did thou obtain this book with my origin?”
“Uh…excuse me?” Keith asked.
“He was talking to me, Dingbat!” Louis said to Keith. He turned his attention over to Trivic. “Well Your Greatness, where I’m from, your stories are known all around. The books tell all your stories, missions, everything.
“It would seem as though I am a legend in thy world.” Trivic said.
“Yeah,” Keith said “Everyone back home knows everything about you and this kingdom! We read about you guys all the time. They’ve very entertaining.” Everyone in the court gasped. King Syrus rose from his throne.
“So you admit it!” Cried King Syrus. “You admit that you do use illegal witch craft forbidden to this kingdom.”
“What?! No!” Louis cried. “I didn’t say…”
“Silence!” demanded the king. “You use dark magic to spy on our personal and depressing lives and put them in books for your own amusement? You dare taunt us? Take them away!” The knights once again tried to take Louis and Keith to the dungeon until Trivic interrupted again.
“Wait!” Trivic said. “I do not believe that these boys are using their magic for evil, I believe it’s for good.” He flips to the last page of Louis’ comic book. “Look, this painting shows Wringcock’s 5 headed serpent servant revealing his plan to take over our beloved kingdom! I have been trying to figure out Wringcock’s master plan for years! They must be psychic wizards!” Everyone in the court started to mutter to each other, even the king and queen talked among themselves. Keith and Louis looked at each other wondering what their fate was now.
“Release the prisoners.” Commanded King Syrus. The knights unshackled Louis and Keith. “Young prisoners, state thy names and homeland!”
“I am Louis Harivon.” Louis said nervously. “From the land of Albuquerque, New Mexico…You’re Highness.” He bowed. Keith then saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of.
“And I am Sir Keith Carter,” Keith said trying to convince everyone he was something great. “Also from Albuquerque and the reining prince of all things funky fresh!” Everyone just starred at him like he had three heads and were confused of his words.
“Right.” Queen Emily said. “Masters Louis Harivon and ’Sir, Prince’ Keith Carter of Albuquerque, New Mexico, if thou art pure of heart and vows to use thine magic for good, we ask for thy help.”
“Uh, sure your highness, with what?” Asked Louis.
“Wringcock.” Queen Emily said with suspense in her voice. “For centuries, he has tormented our kingdom, causing havoc and chaos upon our people. He has caused war where we lost thousands of good men. He has poisoned our crops which makes it barely any food to eat. And has gathered followers to the dark side.”
“You wanted to live here, why?” Keith asked Louis.
“Quiet!” Louis said to him.
“We want you to team up with Trivic and use your strange physic powers to stop Wringcock’s insidious plan!” Queen Emily said.
“What?” Trivic asked. “But Your Grace, please. I have always worked…”
“Art thou questioning my authority Trivic?” Queen Emily asked Trivic with a stern voice.
“No. Forgive me, you’re Highness.” Trivic bowed.
“Now then,” Queen Emily said, turning her attention to Louis and Keith, “Dose thou accept thy mission?”
Just when Keith was about to say something, Louis spoke up first.
“We accept!” Louis cried.
“We do?” Keith asked him.
“There is just one more thing,” said King Syrus. “Nearly a year ago, our three daughters, Princesses Animata, Lovacea and Naturella mysteriously disappeared without a trace. If you can find them while on this mission you will be repaid very generously.”
“Paid?” Keith asked. He saluted the king “You can count on us, Your Majesty!”
“Don’t worry Your Highness,” Louis said. “We’ll save Animachia for you find your daughters!”
“Go now, heroes.” Queen Emily said. The whole court applauded Louis and Keith.
“Come on lads, we have a kingdom to save.” Trivic told Keith and Louis. “Follow me to the armory.”
“Yes sir! Anything you say sir!” Louis said.
“Suck up!” Keith told Louis. The two boys left with Trivic.
“Do you think they can save our world and possibly our daughters?” King Syrus asked Queen Emily.
“I hope so,” Queen Emily said. “For the sake of Animachian humanity!”
Trivic took Louis and Keith to the armory to pick out weapons for the mission. Louis was still in awe that he was in the exact same room as his long time, non-fictional hero.
“Dude, can you believe it?” Louis asked Keith “We’re in the Animachian palace armory with Trivic!” He could barely contain his excitement.
“Would you relax?” Keith said. “So we’re in the same universe as your favorite fictional hero. I’m just wondering how we’re going to get home after all this crud.”
“Don’t worry,” Louis reassured him “We’re in a magical land. I’m sure somebody will help us get back to Albuquerque.”
“Young wizards; come hither!” Trivic called.
“What’d he say?” Keith asked.
“He said ‘come over here’.” Louis said as he walked over to Trivic.
“Why doesn’t anyone around here speak English?” Keith complained. He walked over to Louis and Trivic as Trivic explained the plan.
“Now my new, strange friends,” Trivic said.
“Friends?” Louis asked eagerly. He turned to Keith “Can you believe it dude? I’m friends with Trivic!”
“Yeah, I heard.” Keith said annoyed.
“Gentlemen,” Trivic said getting their attention. “Please focus. Now as you may already know, Wringcock has been trying to take control of this kingdom for centuries. We don’t exactly know what his latest plan is, but thanks to your psychic powers and illustrated books, we can finally defeat him!”
“Okay Trivic, but there’s something you ought to know…” Louis started.
“And what might that be?” Trivic asked.
“Well it’s about our powers,” Louis said. “You see…” Before he could finish, Trivic interrupted him.
“What about your powers? Did you lie about them?” Asked Trivic. “Because if you two did, you will have to face an unbearable punishment for False Appearance, which is illegal in this kingdom.”
Trivic hated the idea of people lying about being something great. He was a bit frustrated and he took a piece of metal that was lying around and crumpled it into dust with just one hand. Keith and Louis gulped and started shaking.
“Now what is it you wanted to talk about?” Trivic asked.
“Nothing!” Louis said quickly. “Never mind! I was just gonna say that our visions come on and off so I don’t know how much help we’ll be.”
“Oh well alright.” Trivic said calmly. “Well then, suit up and grab a weapon boys, we have a wizard to defeat.” He walked out of the room.
“Okay bud, I say we get out of here A.S.A.-NOW!” Keith said in a panic.
“Dude relax!” Louis said pretty calmly. “Where’s your sense of adventure?”
“Adventure?” Keith asked. “Louis, didn’t you hear him? He’ll crush us when he finds out we don’t have any powers!”
“Well…” Louis said “Let’s not let him find out! Now c’mon.”
Louis and Keith suited up in colored suits of armor. Louis wore green which matched his emerald eyes and a blue helmet over his sandy blond, cowlick, a blue cape and a green mask under his glasses. Keith wore a red suit of armor, he wore his orange hat over his black afro hairdo and had an orange cape and mask. And for weapons they grabbed swords, shields, stars and a sack of pixie dust. They then met up with Trivic in the stables.
“Sir Louis Harivon and Sir Keith Carter reporting for duty Trivic sir.” Louis saluted.
“Speaking of duty,” Keith said as he looked down at his feet. He stepped in something nasty and glared at a horse that had a sly grin on his face. “Oh you think you’re so cute, don’t c’ya?!”
“Don’t mind ol’ Rogers Keith,” Trivic said as he got on his brown horse. “He hasn’t been the same since he had the flu…”
“…That was caused by a curse by the Gypsy Magdalene.” Louis added.
“Correct.” Trivic said. “Do you know how I got her to reverse the cures?”
“You gave her the rare Sun Fire Crystal from Witches’ Mountain that she and her tribe have been looking for.” Louis said.
“Indeed.” Trivic said impressed with Louis. “You truly must admire my work.”
“I practically worship you!” Louis said bowing at his feet.
“Thou needs a life.” Trivic said. “Now before we head out on our mission, I would like for thou to meet my apprentice and partner in battle, Lady Malinda.”
“Lady Malinda?” Keith said “What kind of name is Malin…” Keith’s mouth dropped when he saw Lady Malinda with her long black wavy hair, magenta eyes and her blue and purple battle costume.
“Lady Malinda, may I introduce Sir Louis Harivon and his friend Sir Keith Carter.” Trivic Said to Malinda.
“It is a privilege and an honor.” Malinda said as she bowed her head.
“It’s so nice to meet you, Lady Malinda,” Louis said. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” Keith took Malinda’s hand and tried to speak Elizabethan like everyone else in the realm.
“And what an honor it is…to meet someone as pretty as you are.” Keith flirted and kissed her hand. Malinda didn’t know weather she should be flattered or creeped out by Keith.
“Alright, that’s enough introduction,” Trivic said. “Let us head out. We have a long journey ahead of us and a wicked wizard to fight. Tally ho, everyone!” He pulled on the reins on his horse and headed out. Malinda riding on her horse, following behind him.
Keith got up on his horse and road out following Trivic, but especially Malinda. The only horse that was left for Louis was the mean old Rogers.
“Oh you got to be kidding!” Louis groaned. He started to try getting on Rogers’ back. As he climbed up on the horse’s back, Roger whinnied and kicked Louis off and into a stack of hay.
“Okay Rogers…” Louis warned “It is on!!!!”

Meanwhile, Keith, Trivic and Malinda are riding off to the great unknown. Keith then looks around and notices that Louis isn’t there with them.
“Hey, where’s Louis?” Asked Keith.
“Was he not with you?” Asked Malinda Keith.
Rogers the horse suddenly came rushing by them with Louis holding on tightly to his back (facing the other way) as he screamed.
“How do you stop this thing?!” Louis cried.
“Louis! Pull on the reins!” Trivic cried.
“Yes sir! If this horse will cooperate!” Louis said.
Louis slowly turned around and reached for the reins. He stretched his hand out as far as he could go and finally grabbed it. He pulled the reins as hard as he could and Rogers stopped dead on his track that sent Louis flying and he landed in a mud puddle. Rogers just laughed. Louis whipped off the mud from his glasses. Trivic came ridding up to see if Louis.
“If one wishes to lead a life of great adventure, one must learn not to play such childish games.” Trivic said to him. He then rode away and Keith came by to see if Louis was alright and to help him up.
“Man that guy was a jerk. He didn’t even help you up. Some hero.” Keith said.
“No, he’s right,” Louis said. “I shouldn’t have been messing around like that.”
“C’mon man, you know that horse is a jerk.” Keith said. “You weren’t foolin’ around at all.”
“Yeah I know.” Louis said. “I just don’t wanna look like an idiot in front of Trivic. This guy’s my hero! I just want to be his friend, maybe even partner in battle!”
“If you say so.” Keith said.
After that performance, Louis and Trivic switched horses since Trivic had more control over Rogers and the team then set off on their adventure. They rode for hours and Keith was board out of his mind.
“Man, isn’t there something we can do on this trip?” Keith whined “I’m so board!”
“Thou needs to learn patience, Sir Keith.” Trivic told him.
“Indeed.” Malinda replied as she rose pass Keith and kind of gave him a smug look. “No one cares for a childish whiner.”
“Aw! Why you gotta be like that?” Keith asked.
Malinda came up to Louis to ask him a few things. “Sir Louis, I am very curious on how you know about who I am and of this world.”
“Well Lady Malinda,” Louis said “Where me and Keith are from this entire world is published into these illustrated books.” He pulled out one of his comic books and hands it to Malinda. She glances at all the pages and just was in awe and she was stunned to see herself in the book.
“That’s me!” Malinda said breathlessly “How do they know who I am and of our adventures?”
“Uh, that’s kind of complicated…” Louis said while fussing with his glasses.
“Everybody’s psychic back home.” Keith said. “And I’m a prince and a wizard.”
“Oh really?” Malinda asked unimpressed with him.
“Yeah.” Keith replied.
“What do you take me for? A fool?” Malinda asked She rode off with her horse away from Keith.
“Geez, what’s her problem?” Keith asked.
“Maybe because nobody believes that you’re a prince, which you are not.” Louis said.
“Oh c’mon!” Keith said. “Can’t I be admired as one though?” Louis just stared at him. “Okay maybe not. Hey are we there yet?”
“Yes,” Trivic replied. “We’ve made it.”
Our four heroes made it to their destination.
“The kingdom of Tarious!” Trivic and Louis said.
“We’ll have to make camp for tonight, but tomorrow, we attack and defeat Wringcock!” Trivic cried with his sword in the air.
“Yay!” Louis, Keith and Malinda cheered.

Part 3: To Wringcock’s Castle


            The sun was setting and our heroes could go no further. Louis, Keith, Trivic and Malinda had to camp for the night. They set up tents, built a fire and got some water from a nearby river. While Louis, Keith and Malinda made themselves some dinner from some vegetables that Malinda had packed for them, Trivic was standing guard and being on the lookout for intruders.

“See anything yet Trivic? “ Keith asked as he was munching on his potatoes.

“Nay,” Trivic said. “But I’ll keep watching.”

Louis was looking through his new Trivic comic book while showing it to Malinda. Malinda was very surprised at everything she was seeing and reading in the book. She then came across something shocking and called Trivic over.

“Trivic!” Malinda cried. “Come! You must see this!” Trivic rushed over to see what was wrong.

“What is it, Lady Malinda?” Trivic asked.

“Louis’ book has for told the future; we now know what Wringcock’s plan is,” Malinda started. “He has three people with extraordinary powers held captive in his castle and is planning on using their powers to take over the universe!”

“That fiend!” Trivic sneered. “Who art the people he has captive?”

Louis read more of the book and was shocked to see who it was.

“Oh no.” Louis said. By the sound of his voice, everyone prepared for the worse. “It’s…the Princesses Animata, Lovacea and Naturella!” Trivic, Keith and Malinda gasped.

“Well, at least we now know where the princesses are, right?” Keith asked.

“I should have known that Wringcock had the princesses all along!” Trivic said.

“Don’t feel bad,” Louis said. “With the crime rate as bad as it is in Animachia, how were you suppose to know he had them?”

“It’s not only that,” Trivic said. “I should have known because of the princesses powers.”

“Powers? What powers?” Keith asked.

“You know, I think there might be something in here,” Louis said as he skimmed through the pages of his comic book. “Ah, here it is! There’s a poem here about the princesses: “


One Daughter of Art, (Animata)

One Daughter of Love (Lovacea)

One Daughter of Nature; (Naturella)

The three alone will bring peace to all the lands

With powers from their own hands.

Only on the night of the Selena Moon.

But if fallen into the hands of evil, all shall be doomed.


“I’ve heard better poems.” Malinda said.

“Hey, I didn’t write it.” Louis said.

“So what’s the poem saying?” Keith asked.

Poetry often put Keith to sleep, so he wasn’t paying attention to what Louis was saying.

“It means the princesses of great Animachian power will bring eternal peace to the realm.” Trivic said. “But since they are being held captive by Wringcock, he will surely use their powers for ultimate destruction tomorrow night of the Selena Moon! I’m not about to let this monster destroy the land, ruin the lives of innocent people and hurt our beloved princesses. Tomorrow, we bring Wringcock to justice!”

 “The princesses have always been dear friends of mine,” Malinda said “and I won’t allow any threat to come to them or to our homeland!”

“I’m in.” Keith said. “If this battle will get me out of my biology test tomorrow, then I’m all for it!”

“Excellent.” Trivic said. “Sir Louis, what of thee?”

Louis said nothing, he was frozen and silent.

“Sir Louis?” Malinda asked him.

“Buddy?” Keith asked as he snapped his fingers in front of Louis’ face.

“I can’t do it!” Louis whispered.

“What?” Keith asked.

“I can’t do it, Keith!” Louis told him. “I’m not cut out for a battle like this!”

“But I thought you wanted a life like this.” Keith said to him.

“Yeah, I thought so too.” Louis said. “But who am I kidding, Keith? I can’t fight. I can’t even stand up to that moron Brick at school. Face it, I am a loser!” He walks over to a log and sat down on it and slumped into a deep depression.

Keith just sighed. “I’d better go talk to him.”

“Nay Sir Keith.” Trivic said. “I shall give him some guidance.”

Trivic came over to Louis and sat down next to him.

“I know what you’re going to say;” Louis said “you’re gonna say that I need to have more confidence in myself and we should at least try to save the princesses and beat Wringcock, despite the fact that I’m a coward.”

“Well yes.” Trivic said. “Young wizard, the road to being a great warrior is a long and perilous journey; and fear is a powerful emotion that can consume anyone.”

“I know.” Louis said. “But that’s always been my problem. I can never stand up for myself. I can’t even stand up to this bully back home. And my IQ is 100 times higher than his!” Trivic just stared at him in confusion. “It means I’m way smarter then him. But every time I see him, I keep thinking this is the day I finally tell him off. But then I think, ‘forget it Lou, you’re gonna die if you do!’ ”

 “Louis, what your problem is that you are thinking too much,” Trivic said. “You need to take more action and jump into the fight. If you think too much, you can start to doubt everything. So tomorrow when we battle Wringcock, take action and fight! Do not over think it!”

Louis thought about Trivic’s words for a moment, and realized that Trivic was right; Louis did think too much all the time instead of taking any action.

“You know what?” Louis said. “You’re absolutely right! All my life I’ve always questioned everything instead of really doing anything! Well, no more! Tomorrow I’m gonna kick Wringcock’s butt and save the princesses and Animachia!”

“That’s the sprit!” Trivic said. He turned to Keith and Malinda. “He has seen the truth and will be ready to fight in battle tomorrow!”

“Alright Lou!” Keith cried.

“Huzzah!” Malinda cheered.

“Now get some rest young one,” Trivic told Louis. “For tomorrow, we bring Animachia out of the darkness and into a new era!”

“Yes sir!” Louis said.

Trivic left and went to bed inside his tent. Keith went over to talk to Louis.

“You okay, dude?” Keith asked him.

“Yeah.” Louis said. “Trivic is right; I question almost everything instead of really doing anything. Well that won’t happen tomorrow. I’ll beat that jerk Wringcock, no questions asked! And I’ll finally be a hero!”

“If you say so bro.” Keith yawned.

            Dawn the next morning. As the sun rose, dark clouds quickly came and blocked out the sun. Our heroes awoke, packed up their camp and rode on their horses to the dark castle of the sinister Wringcock. They rode through Dead Man’s Valley, which was literally a dead zone; skulls scattered everywhere, broken signs that had warnings on them and vultures circling everything.   

“I don’t like the looks of this.” Keith said a little nervously. “Why couldn’t this Wringcock dude live in like a magical forest of somethin’?”

“An evil wizard living in a magical forest?” Malinda asked. “That goes against nature.”

 “Hey all I’m saying is…” Keith started to say but Malinda just rode right by him, not caring what he had to say.

Keith wore a frown as he leaned over to Louis.

“She hates me! “ Keith moaned.

“She doesn’t hate you Keith,” Louis said. “She, well she…” Louis thought for a moment.  

“You see?” Keith cried. He just sighed. “Oh man! I think I might like Malinda!”

“You’ve only known her one day.” Louis said.

“One day was enough.” Keith said. He put his hand over his heart. “The heart wants what the heart wants.”

“Oh c’mon buddy,” Louis said “The chance of love at first sight is very slim. What do you even know about… Whoa!”

The gang finally came upon Wringcock’s sinister looking, black castle sitting on top of a thin mountain, surrounded by a barb-wire fence and was guarded by a giant griffin.

“There she lies,” Trivic said. “The castle of Wringcock.”

“Geez,” Louis said. “That thing’s scarier looking in reality then it is in the book!”

“Somewhere inside are the fair princesses.” Trivic said. “We must recue them before the Selena Moon tonight.”

“And how do you expect us to get inside?” Keith asked. “Dress up as pizza delivery guys, ring the doorbell and say ‘Here’s your pizza, sir’?”

“What are you talking about?” Malinda asked Keith. “I do not know what a ‘pizza delivery guy’ is but that plan sounds horrible!”

“Oh, and I suppose you’ve got a better idea?” Keith asked her.

“Much better than yours!” Malinda said.

As Keith and Malinda started to argue, Louis studied the castle and all the obstacles around it. He was then struck with an idea.

“I’ve got an idea!” Louis said.

He caught the attention of everybody, Malinda and Keith even stopped arguing. Louis took out a blank piece of paper and pen he had inside of his school backpack (that he still had) and drew out the castle and his plan.

“Okay here’s the plan,” Louis started. “Keith will wake up the griffin and let it chase him to the canyon. Meanwhile, Trivic, Malinda and I will run up to the hill overlooking the castle. Trivic will shoot an arrow with a rope tied to it and we tie the end of the rope to that sign on the hill. Keith will then kill the griffin and meet up with us and we’ll all go down the rope, sneak into the castle through that window, fight off any guards that are there, find the princesses, kill Wringcock and we save the day. Any questions?”

“Yeah!” Keith interrupted. “Why do I have to be bird bate?”

“A griffin is only half of a bird, you twit!” Malinda said.

“What is your problem girl?” Keith asked her.

“Your lack of intelligence and your annoying speeches!”  Malinda said. “You’ve been a thorn in my side since we met.”

Keith was about to open his mouth until Louis broke them up.

“Okay you two break up the ‘love’ fest!” Louis said holding both of them back. “Malinda I know Keith can be a pain, but he’s not trying to be annoying on purpose; the only reason he acts like an idiot is…well, because he can be an idiot a lot of the times.” Louis said.

“Hey!” Keith cried.

“But he mostly does it to get attention from someone he wants to get to know,” Louis said. “Can’t you guys just get along?”

Malinda paused for a moment to think; she then let out a big sigh. “Oh alright! I will grant him a chance.”

Keith cheered and hopped up and down with joy.

“Thank you Malinda!” Keith said. He gave her a big hug; she found it disturbing and pushed him to the ground.

“Now that that’s over, on to the castle!” Trivic called out.

The four of them prepared for battle. They approached the castle with the giant griffin asleep at the front gates. They hid in a bush and got ready.

“There he is.” Louis whispered. “Keith you know what to do right?”

“Unfortunately,” Keith said.  “Why can’t you do this?”

“Be a man Sir Keith.” Trivic said. “And fulfill your duties.” He gives Keith a small push out of the bush. “Now go! The fate of Animachia rest on your shoulders!”

Keith looked up at the griffin, he was very nervous. He gulped and slowly made his way to the creature.

“Why me? Why always me?” Keith grumbled to himself. “How’d I go from a rock ‘n roll star with a ‘C’ average to a warrior who millions of people are depending on?”

Keith was now in front of the big, sleeping griffin. As the griffin slept and snored soundly, Keith tried to wake him up.

“Hey! Bird boy! Wakey wakey, eggs and bacey!” Keith shouted.

The griffin didn’t wake up, he just continued to snore. Keith tried another approach. “Hey! Big bird! Look at me! I’m dancin’! La la la la!”

Keith started doing a crazy dance such as tap, disco and shook his booty while singing loudly and off key. All the griffin did was roll over in its sleep. Keith turned his attention to the team with a look on his face that said “What now?” The others using body language told him to just keep trying.

Keith just sighed. Then, he was struck with an idea. He took off his school bag (that he was still wearing when he and Louis came into Animachia) and dug through all books and items until he found what he was looking for: His MP3 player with attachable stereo. He chose a song by his band, turned up the volume and pushed play.

   The loud rock music from Keith’s band blasted its sound through the entire area. Trivic and Malinda covered their ears to drown out the loud music. Louis had heard Keith’s songs numerous times so the music didn’t bother him. The griffin suddenly woke up and jumped to its feet. He spotted Keith waving at him with a nervous smile on his face. The griffin let out a loud screech.

“I know I’m gonna regret this,” Keith said through his teeth.

Keith turned and ran as fast as he could away from the griffin as it chased him to the canyon.  Keith screamed as loud as he could.

Malinda, Louis and Trivic popped out of the bush they were hiding in and ran up to a hill, overlooking the castle. Louis closed one eye and held his thumb up to figure out where Trivic should shoot the arrow.

“Okay,” Louis said. “If I’m correct, if we shoot the arrow at a 90 degree angle above that balcony, we can…”     

            But Trivic didn’t listen; he shot an arrow with the rope tide to it at the far left side of the balcony and tied his end of the rope to an old sign that said “Wringcock’s castle”.

“What are you doing?” Louis asked.

            “Indeed Trivic!” Malinda cried. “Sir Louis had a brilliant masterminded plan.”

“Forgive me, but we do not have much time!” Trivic said.

“Help!” Keith cried.

Malinda and Louis looked to the canyon and saw that the griffin had cornered Keith. If Keith took one more step backwards, he’d fall to his death.  Keith nervously pulled his sword out and pointed it at the griffin, but the griffin slapped it out of his hand causing the sword to fall into the canyon. Keith was really scared at this point.

“Oh no!” Louis cried. “We’ve gotta help him!”

“There isn’t any time!” Trivic said. “Wringcock has the princesses and will use them to destroy the universe! I cannot let that happen! Now let’s go!”

Louis looked back and forth at both Trivic and Keith; he didn’t totally know what to do.

He then acted, he ran down the hill as fast as he could and ran to Keith. Louis got between his buddy and the griffin.

“Hey bird/lion thing!” Louis called. “Why don’t cha pick on someone your own size?”

The griffin screeched as loud as it could and stomped on the ground. Louis pulled out his sword and stood his ground. He closed his eyes and swung his sword around.

“C’mon griffin,” Louis said. “Fight like a bird.”

The griffin was unimpressed and had a board expression on his face. He slapped the sword out of Louis’ hand and it went down into the canyon like Keith’s sword did. Louis and Keith were both stunned. The griffin screeched once again. Louis and Keith shook in fear.

“Oh man!” Keith cried. “This is the end! Lou, I just wanted you to know that you were a good friend to me! I appreciate it bro!”

“Keith, I hit on your sister Flora when we were in the 9th grade!” Louis confessed!

Keith’s expression went from fear to anger.

“You did what now?!” Keith yelled.

The griffin was about to pounce, the boys held on to each other and screamed in fear. Just as the griffin was about to attack, he froze….literally.

Keith and Louis slowly looked up and were stunned to see that the griffin was frozen in an ice prison.

“What the…?” Louis and Keith both asked until Malinda came from behind the griffin.

“Malinda? You did this?” Keith asked.

“Yes.” Malinda said. “I may not be part of the Seasons Gypsy Tribe any more, but I still have some power left in me to perform curses.”

“You were a gypsy?” Keith asked.

“I don’t remember ever reading that.” Louis said. “You’d think they’d mention it in one of the issues.”

“Malinda, that was amazing!” Keith said still stunned at her powers. “It was awesome! You’re awesome!”

“T’was nothing.” Malinda said. “Rescuing people, even the most obnoxious ones is my duty.”

Malinda and Keith just smiled at each other; they were lost in a trance when they stared into each other’s eyes. Louis tried to get their attention.

“Uh guys?” Louis said. “Hello? Keith? Malinda? GUYS!” He broke both Malinda and Keith out of their trance.

“Huh?” Both Keith and Malinda asked.

“Nice to see you two are now getting along.” Louis said. “Now if you don’t mind, we’ve got to get inside that castle and help…” Louis turned his attention to the castle and noticed that Trivic was already ridding down the rope tied to the arrow to the sign. The others were shocked that Trivic was leaving without them.

”Trivic! Wait up!” Louis called out.

Malinda, Louis and Keith raced up the hill and watched as Trivic got off the rope and jumped on to the balcony.

“Yo Trivic!” Keith called out. “What are you doin’ man?”

Louis and Malinda covered his mouth.

“Keith!” Malinda whispered. “Keep thy voice down. Wringcock may hear us.”

They both removed their hands from his mouth.

“What?” Keith asked. “Speak up! I can’t hear you!” Louis and Malinda covered his mouth again.

“Quiet!” the both whispered to him.

Trivic said nothing at all and went inside the castle through the balcony. Louis, Keith and Malinda were just stunned.

“What the heck was that?!” Keith cried. “The dude totally ditched us!”

“I do not understand.” Malinda said.

“I know.” Louis said softly. “I don’t get it, why would he leave us? He’s a hero.”

Keith turned to Malinda. “Any thoughts Malinda? I mean you’re his side kick and all.”

“I am his apprentice!” Malinda said. “And I do not know of why Trivic is acting so strangely. He has never left anyone behind before. When Keith was being attacked by the griffin, he would have surely come to his rescue.”

“Yeah he would have.” Louis said. “But I’m gonna find out what’s going on!”

Louis took off his cape and threw it around the rope from the sign to the arrow in the castle and used it to ride down on the rope to the castle and jumped on to the balcony.

“Louis! Wait!” Keith and Malinda cried.

Louis didn’t listen; he was determined to find out what Trivic was up to.

“Come on Malinda,” Keith said, “We’ve got to stop him!”  

Keith took off his cape as well to use it to slide down the rope. Malinda held on to him tightly as they slid down from the hill to the balcony. They jumped on the ledge but they almost lost their balance and were about to fall. But they regained their balance and entered the castle.


Part 4: The Truth Beneath the Mask


“That was close,” Malinda said. “We would have died if we fell.”

“Well don’t jinx it yet, Malinda.” Keith said, as they jumped off the balcony and into the castle. “I have a feeling that something bad is gonna happen!”

“Now’s not the time for a negative attitude! Come, the realm is in trouble and Louis may be too.”

            Meanwhile Louis was sneaking around the grand hallway of the castle looking for Trivic.

“I can’t believe Trivic ditched us!” Louis said. “Why would he do that? Could this be a part of an elaborate plan? It’s got to be; why else would he leave us?”

A door opened and closed around the corner not too far from where Louis was standing. “What was that?” he asked.

He looked around the corner and saw two guards leaving a room and coming his way. He panicked and didn’t know what to do. As he looked back and forth, he saw a half opened door behind him. He didn’t know if that would be a good place to hide or not but the guards were coming closer. He ran for the door and hid behind it. The two guards didn’t even notice him at all. Louis sighed with relief.

“That was a close one.” Said Louis. He saw a long staircase that went up into the darkness. “I wonder where that goes? Maybe Trivic went up there already.”

A sound was made; someone had opened another door out in the hallway.

“That sounds close!” Louis said. He peaked through the keyhole on the door and saw a guard exiting one room and making his way right towards the door that Louis was behind! “Uh oh! I gotta get out of here!”

But there was no place else to go but up into the darkness. “I guess I’ve got nowhere else to go but up!”

Louis swallowed his fear and climbed up the stairs. Things only got darker and darker as he went up higher.

“Great, I can’t see a thing.” He said. “Oh wait, I think I might have a flashlight.”

He dug through his pants pocket and found his little pocket flashlight. He turned it on and even though it was small it was bright. He waved it around the room and even pointed it up at the ceiling where a bunch of bats were sleeping.

“Oh sweet sourpuss!” Louis said nervously. “I hate bats! Okay Lou, whatever you do, don’t make any sudden movements.” It was too late; he accidentally stepped on the tail of a cat that was asleep on the side of the stairs (that he didn’t even notice). It let out a big MEOW!

“Oh I’m sorry!” Louis told the cat. “Why the heck is a cat sleeping on a staircase in the dark anyway?”

Suddenly all of the bats woke up from the sound of his voice and they angrily looked at him. ”Oh crud!”

Louis ran screaming all the way up the stairs with the light from his flashlight leading the way, and with all the bats and the angry cat chasing after him. “Crud! How could things get any worse?!”

The batteries in his flashlight suddenly died and Louis was now blind as a bat. Since he couldn’t see where he was going, he tripped and fell flat on the floor. He didn’t know that he landed on the top floor until he saw a little light shinning from a small open window on the wall.

“Light!” Louis said in relief. He put his hands together and prayed. “Thank you!”  

Looking back, he saw that all the bats and the cat were still charging at him. Louis screamed and ducked his head. The bats surprisingly paid no mind to him; they just flew right out the window. Louis looked back up to see if it was safe. The cat came up from behind him, jumped on his head and hopped up on to the windowsill where it laid down for another catnap.

Louis took a deep breath. “That was nuts! I wonder where I am now?”

There was then a small noise that came from behind a locked door that was in front of him.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” Louis called out. He pressed his ear against the door; he heard a small muffled, moaning sound.  “Uh oh! Don’t worry! I’ll get c’ya out!” Louis called. “But with what?” He looked around the room and saw a suit of armor that came with a long sword up against the wall. He hatched an idea.

He put the armor on, backed away from the door, and charged at it. And while holding the sword out, he broke down the door. After he got it open, he took off the armor and walked into the room. Lying lifelessly up against the wall with their arms chained up and their eyes closed were none other then the long-lost daughters of Syrus and Emily. Louis was unaware of who they were.

Animata had long brown hair tied into a big braid and wore a head circlet. She wore a purple and sliver dress with gauzy sleeves. Lovacea wore a one-sleeve pink dress with hearts on it. She had long blond hair and wore a barrette in the shape of a heart that dangled and rested gently on her forehead. Naturella also had blond hair tied into a ponytail and wore a crown of flowers and ribbons. She wore a sky blue dress embroided with flowers and had vines tied around her arms. All three of them were around the age of sixteen.

The princesses showed no sign of life; Louis had to wonder: Are they dead? He kneeled down before Animata to see if she would wake up.

“Hello?” Louis said to her. “Are you asleep?” Animata heard his voice and slowly started to open her eyes.

From Animata’s point of view as she opened her eyes, everything was blurry and she couldn’t see a thing. When her vision finally cleared up, she saw Louis right in front of her. She wasn’t too surprised to see him. In fact, her facial expression went from tired to rage. She kicked Louis in the shins that caused him to fall flat on his stomach.

“Ow!” He cried. “Hey! What did you do that for?” 

“Do not play coy with me!” Animata snapped. “I know what you are up to!” Her two sisters awoke from the sound of her voice.

“Animata?” Lovacea said groggily. “What is happening?”

Lovacea and Naturella became wide-awake and when their eye sites became clear, they saw Louis as well. They were surprised to see him and they turned their facial expressions into rage as well.

“Heathen!” Naturella shouted. She kicked Louis in the face, as did Lovacea.

The princesses kicked Louis so much, he became horribly bruised. He couldn’t take the abuse much longer! He had to speak up!

“Hey! Hey!” Louis cried as the princesses kicked him to death. “Will you girls please stop?! I’m not going to hurt you!”

“How many times have I heard that before?” Animata asked. Her tone dropped to a softer and sadder voice. “It’s been nothing but pain and misery for the past year from all we have met.”

“Don’t you worry, I’m not here to hurt you; I’m gonna get you out of here!”

The three girls didn’t know weather or not to trust him.

He went through his backpack and pulled out one of his own little inventions: a mini laser. He turned it on and used it to cut through the chains that held the princesses captive. He freed Naturella first.

“My word!” Naturella exclaimed. She was now free and able to put her arms down. “What a curious little device. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

“Is it magic?” Lovacea asked as Louis freed her.

“Well, no.” Louis said. He started to cut the chains that held up Animata’s arms. Her chains were thicker then the other two. “It’s kind of hard to explain. But this device is made out of technology. Ya see I’m from another world, and technology is something that makes people lives a bit easier.”

The princesses were amazed. Not by technology, by the fact that Louis was from a different world.

“You’re from another world?!” Lovacea asked in surprise. She looked at his clothes. “Well, that explains your wardrobe.” He gave her a funny look.

Animata was free from the chains. She took a big sigh of relief when she put her arms down. The three girls got up to thank him.

“My apologies to you, kind knight.” Animata said. “My sisters and I have not seen one act of kindness in nearly over a year. We thank you. What is thy name?”

“I’m Louis. Louis Harivon.”

“I am Lovacea.” Said Lovacea.

“I am Naturella.” Said Naturella.

“And I am Animata,” Said Animata. “And we are the Princesses of Animachia.”

Louis was shocked. He was so focused on figuring out where Trivic went off to, he forgot all about the princesses.

 “Oh! You’re the princesses?” Louis asked. He was worried about making a fool of himself in front of three beautiful princesses. He was so nervous, that he fell backwards. The girls just giggled at him. “Uh… forgive me for not bowing, your highness-es.” He gave an embarrassed smile.

“’Tis alright. You may rise.” Naturella said to him.

Louis got up from the floor. “Thanks. Now c’mon girls, we’ve got to get out of here as fast as we can!”

 “That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time.” Lovacea said as the four of them ran out the door.

“How are we going to get out of here?” Naturella asked.

 “I’m not too sure,” Louis said. “Maybe if we find Trivic, he’ll know…”

“Trivic?!” Naturella asked. “You’re working with Trivic?!”

“Well see, I thought I was, but…” Louis said until Animata punched him in the face.

“Ow!” Louis cried. He rubbed his sore cheek. “What did you do that for? I thought we were all done beating me up!”

“Don’t play stupid with us, Harivon!” Animata spat. “If you’re working for Trivic, you know very well why I struck you! I knew you were up to no good!”

“Animata, I do not believe he is what we think he is.” Lovacea said.

“Lovacea, you may be my sister, but I tire of your silly optimism!” Animata said to her.

“Could someone explain to me what the heck is going on? PLEASE?!” Louis cried. He looked right into the princesses’ eyes. “I have no idea of what you’re talking about!”

Animata could now tell by his eyes that he meant no harm to her or her sisters. “I stand corrected. My apologies again, I thought you were one of them. But now I can see by your eyes that you are just oblivious to what is going on.”

“Did you think I was one of Wringcock’s guys?” Louis asked, “Even if I was, I wouldn’t have freed you from your prison.”

“Good point.” Animata said.

“And what does any of this have to do with Trivic?” Asked Louis.

“You might as well tell him, Animata.” Naturella told her.

Animata had a serious look on her face and looked at Louis striate into his eyes. Louis’ heart pounded hard and loud, for he knew this wasn’t going to be good news.

“Trivic is a traitor.” Animata said loud and clear. Louis was shocked to hear that. He could not believe what Animata just told him.

“What?” Louis said breathlessly. “No! It-it can’t be true!”

“It is true!” Animata said. She used her magic to summon an ink-feathered pen.

With her magic pen, Animata drew live moving pictures almost like a cartoon in the air to show Louis Trivic’s traitorous acts in the past. She showed Trivic when he was younger and when he was a real hero at that time.

“At first, Trivic was a real hero.” Animata said.

“He was a devoted knight to our mother and father and was my betrothed.” Lovacea added. “But that was all before he joined forces with Wringcock…his uncle.”  

Louis’ jaw dropped and his eye bugged out of his head. Animata continued to show images of Trivic while her sisters narrated.

“Wringcock easily persuaded his nephew to join the side of evil and to practice the Black Arts,” Naturella said, “and Trivic used his new power for wickedness. But he continued to play our parents and our people for fools, making them think he was still a hero.”

“He’s the reason why our kingdom is in such terrible condition.” Animata said. “As soon as we found out who he really was, we tried to stop him, but he defeated us and locked us away. I don’t know why he hasn’t killed us yet, we know of all his traitorous acts. He’s probably up to something much more sinister then we thought.”

“Very good Princess Animata!” Said a familiar voice. It came from Trivic who came from out of the shadows. “After all this time, you three still haven’t figured out my plan? Pathetic!”

“Do not test my patience, Trivic!” Animata warned. “Thou would not like me when I am filled with anger and spite!”

“Ooh, I’m so scared!” Trivic said in a mocking tone. “Bah! Three pampered princesses won’t defeat me! I’ll have you all dead before midnight!”

“Trivic.” Louis said breathlessly. “What do you mean? You wouldn’t really hurt these girls, would you?”

“Oh you are stupid, aren’t you?” Trivic chuckled. “I wasn’t in this mission to help the princesses; I was in it to become ruler of this entire realm!”

“And how do you plan on doing that Trivic?” Lovacea asked him. “You may be powerful, but your powers are not strong enough to take over the whole world.”

“No,” he said. He smiled an evil grin at the princesses. “But your powers are! Tonight, the night of the Selena Moon, Wringcock and I shall steal your great powers and use them to take over the realm!”

The princesses were stunned. Louis pulled out his sword and stood in front of the princesses while he shook in grief from all this.

“I won’t let you hurt these innocent girls!” He said.

“Oh please!” Trivic said as he smacked Louis to the floor. “You’re no threat to me.” He snapped his fingers and out of nowhere, three big ape-like guards came by his side. “Take the princesses away!”

The guards did as they were told and tried to take Animata, Lovacea and Naturella away. But it wasn’t easy for them because the princesses wouldn’t go with out a fight.

“You’ll never win Trivic! Even if don’t stop you, somebody will!” Louis cried.

“Oh?” Trivic asked. He snapped his fingers once again. “You mean like…those two?”

Out of the shadows, two more of Trivic’s ape-like guards came. One carried Keith in his hand and the other carried Malinda in his huge hand. They both were struggling to get free. Louis couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Keith! Malinda!” Louis cried.

“Dude! They got you too?!” Keith asked. “You were our last hope!”

“Trivic! You dirty rat! You vile conspirator!” Malinda snarled. “I swear by the goddess Dianaca when we get out of this, I’m going to…”

“You will do no such thing, Lady Malinda.” Trivic said. “You all are doomed! There is nothing left you can do to stop me! Guards, take those three to the Ice Dungeon and take the princesses to Mount Grifort!”

The guard holding Keith picked Louis up in his other hand.

“And don’t let them escape!” Trivic ordered.

Trivic cackled evilly as all the guards took away the struggling princesses, Keith, Malinda and a disconsolate Louis away.

When the guards arrived at the dungeon, they threw Louis, Malinda and Keith inside and slammed the door tight shut and locked it up. Keith and Malinda got up and ran to the door and tried to pull it open or break it down. Sadly, they had no such luck.

“C’mon you! Open!” Keith strained as he tried to get the door open.

“I cannot believe that Trivic was nothing but a low down traitor all this time!” Malinda spat. In a blind rage, she took her frustration out on the door and almost took it out on Keith. He had to dodge her fists of fury.

“You mean to tell me that you didn’t know that your boy Trivic was a bad guy this entire time?” Keith asked.

Malinda broke off a big, long ice sickle that hung above the door and used it like a crowbar to try to get the door open. “No I did not! I never knew what he was capable of! He was always helping those in need! But I guess he hoodwinking everyone instead! I looked up to him! He was like a brother to me! But all this time he was going behind my back with plots of world domination?! That…that…” 

Keith covered her mouth before she could finish her sentence. That’s how furious she was!

“Lou, come on, man.” Keith said. He started to shiver. “Y-y-you got to h-h-help us find away o-out of here before we f-f-freeze to d-d-death!”

Louis just leaned his back up against the ice. “Just forget it,” he simply said. Malinda and Keith were flabbergasted at what he said.

“What did you say?” Malinda asked.

“Just forget it. We lost.” Louis said in a flat tone.

Keith went over to see what was wrong with Louis. “Buddy, what’s eating you?”

Louis shot up an angry glare at him and got up from off the floor and just snapped. “You wanna know what’s eating me?! I just found out that the hero I’ve looked up to my entire life is really a lying, scheming power hungry freak who’s gonna take over the world and hurt those poor princesses, and there’s nothing I can do about it!” He sat back down on the floor, feeling sorry for him self. “I guess what everyone said about me is true; I’m nothing but a loser nerd. I can’t save the world. I can’t help those girls.”

Keith grabbed Louis by his shoulders and looked him striate in the eyes.

“Now you listen to me and you listen good,” Keith said to him. “The Louis Harivon I know wouldn’t pass up an opportunity like this or let innocent people suffer! The Louis I know would take this chance to help someone and take it like an adventure! Look, I know you’re upset that the guy you looked up to is a fraud, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from helping the princesses and all of Animachia.”

“Yeah, but…”

“No buts!” Keith said. “You didn’t need some fictional or in this case non-fictional character to tell you who you are; you didn’t even need that back in our world! You just gotta look inside yourself and see who you truly are. You don’t need anybody’s words!”

Louis was surprised that Keith, his long time and often cocky friend gave him an inspirational pep talk like that. Louis thought for a moment and realized that Keith was right.

“You’re right Keith!” Louis said. “Just because my so-called hero is a fake, doesn’t mean I should let that stop me from doing what’s right! We’ve gotta get out of here and save the day!”

“Now you’re talkin’,” Keith said.

“There’s just one problem…” Malinda began saying. “How are we going to get out of here?”

            The boys were puzzled. How were they going to get out of there?

“Uhh…Um…” Keith stammered. “Lou, you got anything that may help us?”

Louis took off his backpack and looked through his things to see if there was anything that could help them get free. He tried to use the same mini laser that he used to free the princesses but it was out of juice. He even skimmed through his latest Trivic comic to see if it would give any clues on how to escape the Ice Dungeon. It had nothing on it.  


“Drat!” Malinda said. “Now how will we get out of here?”

Malinda leaned back against a large block of ice in the corner of the room, with out realizing it she pushed it in.

She and the boys were stunned when the chamber started to shake violently and right in the middle of the ice floor, a trap door opened up.

“Hey! A trap door!” exclaimed Louis.   

“Way to go Malinda!” Keith cried.

“Uh…t’was nothing. I never knew that was there before.” She said.

Louis looked out the very small, barred window above the wall and saw that the sun was already setting.

“Oh no!” Louis said. He went down into the trap door and grabbed on to the ladder that was there.  “Come on guys! We got three princesses and a world to save!”

As Louis went down the ladder, Keith and Malinda followed.

            The sun was setting on top of Mount Grifort. Taking place there was a ceremony that could change Animachia forever.

Pig-like creatures pounded on drums as other strange creatures danced in celebration. The three princesses were tied up to individual dead trees as Trivic stood guard. He now wore a very gaudy, royal-like robe.

“Trivic, I swear when we get out of this, I shall torment you for all eternity!” Animata spat furiously.

“Do not get your hopes up Animata,” Trivic said. “For soon my uncle and I shall take this realm for ourselves! You’ll have no chance of stopping us!” He grinned evilly at the enraged princess.

A vulture dressed as a dark knight blew loudly into a conch shell and all the creatures bowed down to the ground. The vulture announced, “Presenting his royal majesty…the Emperor of Evil, and future king of Animachia and the world… the one and greatly only… Lord Wringcock!”

And there he was…the dark wizard whom everyone feared: Wringcock. He was 8 foot, 7 inches tall, incredibly pale with long white hair, blood red eyes and had pointed shoulders. He was dressed in dark Elizabethan male clothing with a cape.

            He approached his nephew who was bowed to the ground before him. Trivic rose up to greet his uncle.

“Uncle Wringcock, I bid thee welcome.”

Wringcock said nothing. Instead, he slapped Trivic on the back of his head.  “Trivic! Only speak to me when you are spoken to.”

“But…” Trivic said weakly.

“Silence!” Wringcock said. “You may be my nephew but even you are not worthy to speak to me!”

Trivic said nothing. He just kneeled before him.

“Now we know why Trivic is so hateful...” Lovacea said to her sisters. “He has been mistreated his whole life by his uncle. I take pity on him.”

Trivic couldn’t help but over hear. “I don’t need your pity, my former bride-to-be. Despite all the malevolent words I get, it is worth the power.”

“You’re a twisted fiend, you know that?” Animata yelled.

“Enough!” Wringcock shouted. “The time of the Selena Moon is upon us. I’ve waited years for this night, the night I become Emperor of the whole realm! But for me to become emperor, I need to take control of the three purest magic in all of Animachia which comes from you three princesses.”

The three princesses were stunned; they never realized that their own powers were strong enough to take over an entire universe.

“It cannot be!” Naturella said. “If you absorb us of all our powers, we’ll be…”

“Dead? Precisely.” Trivic grinned. “Everyone knows that Animachians can’t survive with out their magic. Although it’s such a pity that we have to deprive this world of three lovely ladies.”

The princesses were appalled by his behavior and Animata kicked him in his gut. He fell to the ground wriggling in pain. He looked back up at Animata; his eyes were filled with anger.

“I’ll make sure you die slowly!” Trivic spat at her. He turned to Wringcock. “Is it time yet, uncle?”

“Yes nephew.” Wringcock said. “Prepare the tools.”

Trivic took a split blade black dagger out of its leather sheath and dipped it into a caldron of some strange potion as drums beat ceremoniously.

“Tonight…on this night of the sacred Selena Moon, I Wringcock Lord of the kingdom of Taryus shall become emperor of the entire realm! All shall bow before me!”

The Selena moon, which was a crescent moon shinned its turquoise light on the princesses. Trivic handed Wringcock the dagger as he approached the frightened princesses.

“Well, this is it Your Highnesses,” Wringcock said. “It seems that this is the end of the rest of your lives. Any last words?”

A noise called out in the distance; the three princesses looked behind them to see what that noise was. They all looked back at Trivic and Wringcock and had a smug, almost sinister smirk on their faces.

“Just two… Look out!” Lovacea said.

Wringcock was confused by her words, until out of nowhere came Louis delivering a fly kick into Wringcock’s hands and knocking the dagger to the ground.

Louis stood brave and tall. Trivic was furious at the sight of him. “You! I thought I disposed of you and your friends!”

“Looks like you didn’t have the chamber sealed tight enough.” Louis said.

Malinda and Keith came out of the blue and helped untie the princesses. The princesses were now free and they grabbed the nearest weapon or blunt object they could find and stood their ground for battle.

“So, you’re the famous Sir Louis I’ve heard so much about.” Wringcock said.

“Well I dunno about ‘famous’,” Louis said as he adjusted his glasses. “But I do know that I’m going to stop you from taking over the world!”

“Oh please” Wringcock scoffed. “My nephew told me all about you; you’re nothing but a pathetic little nobody who’s afraid of everything, even your own peers. And you actually thought that Trivic was a hero? What kind of a moron would think that?”

Wringcock and his minions laughed uncontrollably at Louis. Louis felt his confidence breaking down as all the creatures laughed at him. But he let it slide and tried not letting the monsters bother him. He picked up a mace that was sitting on a rack with other weapons (that the creatures used) and swung it around. He jumped high into the air and hit Wringcock across the face with it, knocking him out. The creatures and Trivic stopped laughing and were shocked that Louis actually took out Wringcock. Keith, Malinda and the princesses were equally as surprised.

“What?” Trivic asked astonished. “How? You’re a wimp.”

“Guess you thought wrong.” Louis said mockingly.

Trivic was filled with rage. “SEZE THEM!”

Wringcock’s army of strange creatures and monsters all grabbed a weapon off the same rack and prepared for battle. The teens did the same thing, but they were out numbered six to a thousand.

“What is thy plan, Sir Louis?” Animata asked.

“Well Animata, all I can say is…do the best that you can, and let’s all try to stick together.”

“I trust you, Louis.” Animata said. She couldn’t help but smile at him. Louis blushed a little.

“Okay then! Everybody…BATTLE STATIONS!”

The war was on; the teens and the creatures charged at each other and fought to the death. Louis and Keith were fighting side by side each other while taking down Wringcock’s creatures with swords and maces.

“I think it’s time we taught these weird looking swines a lesson.” Keith said.

“I agree!” Louis said. He put his sword back into its sheath and grabbed two nunchucks from his belt and handed one to Keith. “Let’s teach ‘em Kung Fu Dragon style!”

Keith grinned evilly.  

The two boys wildly swung their nunchucks around and hit all the monsters on their heads and knocked them out. No matter how many monsters came, the boys stopped them.

Malinda was surround by quite a few of the creatures, but she showed no fear. “Do you creatures honestly think that you can stop someone of the Seasons Gypsy Tribe?” The creatures were confused by her words.

She took a deep breath and blew a breath fire at them. The monsters screamed as they burned by the fire blaze. “Oh, I’m sorry” Malinda said sarcastically, “Here, let me cool you off.”

She took another deep breath. This time she blew ice on them and imprisoned the creatures in frozen blocks of ice. “I’d say freeze, but you are already frozen.” She laughed at her own pun.

            Lovacea, Naturella and Animata had no problem at all fighting the monsters. Ever since they were children, they were trained to fight in battle so they could help defend their kingdom from its enemies. But as they took out a hundred of the creatures, two hundred more came.

“There’s too many of them! What do we do?” Lovacea cried.

“What we Animachians do best Lovacea:” Animata said. “Use our magical powers!”

“But Mother always said to never use our powers for violence! Our powers are gifts, not weapons!” Naturella said.

One creature got up in their faces and growled viscously at them just to scare them.

“Mother isn’t here, Naturella!” Animata shouted at her, “So Fight!”

Without saying another word, Lovacea and Naturella obeyed their older sister and used their magic for combat! Animata used her magic to summon her favorite weapon: A Feathered Ink Pen Sword. Lovacea summoned her Peace Bow with Heart Arrows. And Naturella summoned her Star Wand and Flower dagger that she hardly ever used. The girls fought better then ever now that they had their extraordinary weapons.

            Wringcock awoke in the middle of the battle and regained his consciousness. He spotted the princesses fighting his minions. He became really angry at the fact that his wicked creatures were loosing and that the princesses weren’t dead yet. He grabbed the black dagger from off the ground and snuck up behind Animata. She had no idea he was behind her. He grabbed her by the shoulder, turned her around and pushed her up against one of the dead trees. She was in shock to see him awake.     

 “Wringcock!” Animata cried.

            “You think you can stop me?” He asked. “Ha! You can’t stop the Lord of Taryus!”

She pointed her Feathered Pen Sword at him but he smacked it out of her hand. As he held her tightly, he raised the dagger high into the air. Animata shirked for she thought her life now over.

Louis heard her screams and turned around to see what was happening. He was shocked by the sight and ran to aid her.

As Wringcock plunged the knife at the young princess, Louis ran up and pushed her out of the way and he was the one who got stabbed in his side. He fell on the ground writhing in pain.

“Drat! That stupid boy got in my way! No matter, I’ll finish him off…after I take care of the princesses.”

Animata kneeled to the ground and grabbed Louis. “Do what you want to me, but leave this poor boy alone!”

“Do not get your hopes up Princess,” Wringcock said as he raised the dagger again.

“Hey, you still got that feathered pen sword of yours?” Louis quietly asked Animata. He was in so much pain from the stab wound.

“Yes.” She said. She picked the sword up from the ground and handed it to him.


As Wringcock brought down the dagger, Louis defended himself and Animata from his attacks with the sword. Despite the fact that Louis was getting tired and was still hurting, he kept fighting off Wringcock until… Louis accidentally stabbed him in the stomach! Louis and Animata couldn’t believe what just happened. Wringcock was literally stunned and he dropped the dagger. Then he dropped to his knees.

“You may have defeated me, Young Warrior.” Wringcock said as he gasped for breath. “But rest assure that I WILL be back!”

A white light then started surging through out Wringcock’s body from where Louis accidentally stabbed him. He screamed as the light took over his entire body. The light glew so bright that it nearly blinded everyone. And then Wringcock exploded into nothing left but sparkles of dust. He was now gone; even all of his hideous creatures fighting the other teens disappeared into thin air.

Even though they were pretty confused on what just happened, the six teens cheered over their victory. But there was one thing they forgot:

“No! This cannot be!” Trivic cried out.

“Give it up Trivic!” Keith said. “We defeated your loser uncle and saved the princesses! It’s OVER! Just give up!”

“I think not!” Trivic said. “No one can stop me! Not even mere mortals like yourselves!”

He grabbed his sword and ran towards them. The teens were all frozen right where they stood. Louis on the other hand had an idea on how to stop him. He took out an inhaler from his back pocket. (Louis had bad asthma and always had to carry an inhaler around with him) Trivic came running up to the gang, and Louis who was still on the ground lifted his inhaler up into the air and sprayed it right into Trivic’s eyes! Blinded from the spray, Trivic dropped the sword and collapsed to the ground shrieking in pain and rubbed his eyes.

“Take that Trivic!” Louis said.

“But I do not understand!” Trivic said. “You defeated everyone! Including my uncle! And you’re nothing but a coward!”

“It helps when you have a good friend that forces you to listen to his pep talks.” Louis said. Keith grinned. “And word of advice dude: Never give a guy a speech about jumping into action when you really want to crush him.”

Keith, Malinda and the princesses all laughed at Louis’s comment. But Louis couldn’t laugh because he was still in pain from the stab wound.

“Ow! A little help please? Someone!” Louis cried.

“I can help!” Naturella said. She put her hand over his wound. Her hand glew a sapphire blue color light and she used her powers to close Louis’ wound. He felt better and was able to get up from the ground.

“Wow! I feel as good as new!” Louis said. “Thanks Naturella!”

Naturella smiled. “What are healers for?”

When news that the princesses were found got out, all of Animachia rejoiced. All the citizens were on the castle grounds waiting for the teens. The six teens rode on their horses and made their way up to the palace. Malinda rode along with Keith, Naturella and Lovacea rode on a horse together and Animata rode with Louis. They tided up Trivic and put him on a wagon that was pulled by one of the horses. King Syrus and Queen Emily stood outside the palace eagerly awaiting their arrival. When the teens finally made it to the castle, the king, queen and princesses saw each other for the first time in a long time. The princesses were so overjoyed to see their parents; they jumped off their horses and ran up the steps to hug them. The king and queen hugged their daughters back.

“Oh my darlings!” Queen Emily sobbed with joy. “We have missed you so much!”

“We never gave up hope, dear ones.” King Syrus said. “We always believed that you were still alive.”

“Father. Mother we have missed you so.” Animata said. “We have tried many times to escape our prison, but Trivic just kept capturing us every single time!”

“What?” Syrus and Emily said in disbelief.

“It’s true Father,” Lovacea said. “He’s a vial traitor! He held us captive for so long just to keep us from telling you that he was really working for Wringcock, his uncle the whole time!”

The King and Queen were outraged that their top knight was really a traitor and was Wringcock’s nephew all this time! They were incredibly furious! They looked as if they wanted to kill the traitor.

“You lowdown insolent heathen!” King Syrus spat.

“Why Trivic?!” Queen Emily asked.

“For power, that’s why!” Trivic snapped. “I longed to rule Animachia with an iron fist! And I refused to be a second rate husband to that overly optimistic pampered princess Lovacea!”

Lovacea was appalled. “And to think I used to love you! You revolting pig!”

“Say the word Lovacea, and I’ll make him disappear forever!” Animata said. She grinned evilly. Now Trivic was afraid of her threats.

“That won’t be necessary Animata dear,” Queen Emily said. “Trivic, nephew of Wringcock, you are hereby placed under Animachian arrest and will be awaiting death!”

“NOOOO!” Trivic cried as the palace guards were taking him away. “This isn’t the end! I’ll be back! And I’ll have my revenge on all of you! Especially you Louis Harivon!”

The guards took him away. Trivic couldn’t hurt anyone ever again.

“Now what are we going to do about Wringcock?” King Syrus asked.

“You don’t have to worry about him, Father.” Naturella said. “Louis destroyed him.”

Queen Emily and King Syrus were astonished. “He did?” They both asked.

Animata walked down the steps and took Louis by the arm and brought him up to the king and queen. “Yes, he did. He stabbed Wringcock and he disintegrated into dust!”

 Louis blushed. “It was nothing really.” He chuckled.

“This is most joyous news!” King Syrus said. He made an announcement to his people. “This is a great day! We now no longer live in fear! For the evil Lord Wringcock…is dead!”

The citizens cheered in celebration.

“And that traitor Trivic will be locked away in our finest prison!” Queen Emily announced. “No longer will he fool us or bring harm to anyone ever again! But before we celebrate, I think we should rebuild the kingdom from all of Wringcock’s attacks! All of the towns look like they’re in ruins!” The citizens groaned.

“We’ll take care of that Mother,” Lovacea said.

After hearing of how their powers were strong enough to either save or destroy the kingdom, the three princesses stood in a circle and united their magic powers. They had put every bit of energy they had into their magic, and in only a minute, the princesses used their powers to bring Animachia out of the dark times caused by Trivic and his uncle and into a new peaceful era. They used their powers to rebuild all the kingdom’s broken down houses, churches and shops. They all looked so brand new, it was as if Wringcock had never attacked. They used their powers to bring all the trees back to life, and they even turned the cloudy night sky into bright sunny day. The entire kingdom rejoiced even more.

“Well that’s it then!” King Syrus said. “Come my people! Let us celebrate!”

All the Animachian people ran up the steps to the palace and followed the king and queen inside.

“After all that we’ve been through, I think we deserve a party!” Keith said.

“I haven’t been to a celebration in years!” Malinda said. “This will be delightful!” She followed Keith into the palace.

The princesses were the last to go inside. Animata looked back and noticed that Louis wasn’t coming; he was just sitting on the steps.

“Animata, art thou coming?” Lovacea asked her.

“You go on ahead, sister. I will catch up.”

Lovacea left her sister alone. Animata walked on over to Louis and sat down next to him. He had a look of bittersweet victory on his face.

“Louis, what is the matter?” Animata gently asked him. “You have saved us all from a terrible ordeal. My kingdom and my family are in your debt. What is it that troubles you?”

Louis sighed. “It’s nothing really. I’m glad we saved the kingdom and everyone in it, but I’m extremely disappointed… about Trivic.”

Animata had a not-so-surprised look upon her face.

“You see Animata, in my world, we have these illustrated books about him called comic books. And ever since I was a kid I would always read the comic books about him everyday. He was always portrayed as a hero in them. I used to think ‘Wow! What I wouldn’t give to be that guy!’ And I’ve had a pretty rotten life so for me, having the life of a warrior would be a dream come true. I always looked up to him. He was my hero. But now that I know the truth, I... I feel like an idiot! Like how could I not know that? This stinks!” He sighed.

He just slumped into a deep depression. Animata put her arm around him and tried to comfort him.

“I know how you feel, Louis.” Animata told him. He looked up at her. “Before I knew who Trivic really was, he was one of my dearest friend; even when he became engaged to Lovacea. But when I found out who he was, I was devastated. I too felt like a simpleton. Believe me, I know what you are going through.”

 “So how did you get over it?” He asked.

“It takes time to accept the idea.” Animata said. “But I have something I need to tell you.” He didn’t know what she was going to say, but he listened. “My magical gift is art; not only can I bring paintings to life, I can also make illustrated books. I was the one who made all the Trivic books that you’ve been reading; I magically sent them to your world. I even placed an Olivian Wishing Gem in one of the books in hopes that someone pure of heart would find it and wish to come here. And that person was you Louis Harivon.”

Louis was speechless, surprised even. He couldn’t believe that Animata, an old fashioned princess was the one who made all the modern day Trivic comic books. And that he was meant to go to Animachia and help save the world. “I hope that you can forgive me for tricking you about Trivic.”

“Actually I should be thanking you;” Louis said. “You’ve opened up my eyes to the truth about Trivic. And through out this whole, crazy adventure, I found the one thing I was missing in my life… courage. I guess despite all of the disappointment I went through, it was worth finding myself. So…thanks Animata.” 

She put her hand on his hand and smiled at him. “Anytime my friend.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes, until Louis broke the silence.

“I do have one question though,” he said. “If you sent out that gem and hopped for someone to come here to help you, why’d you keep beating me up every time I tried to explain myself?”

“Sorry, it’s been so long since I sent it out, I figured no one was going to come.”

Louis laughed awkwardly. 

Inside the palace, the Animachians celebrated their victory with a huge feast and a ball. The people celebrated and made merry, but all settled down when the king tapped a knife against a water glass.

“My friends, this is a most wondrous day!” King Syrus announced. “My heart is glad beyond words to see everyone in this kingdom happy once again. And to have the safe return of my beloved daughters! It is all thanks to these three brave warriors…Louis, Keith and Malinda!”

“Would the three of you please approach the thrones to receive your awards?” Queen Emily asked them.

The three of them got up from their seats at the table and went up to the thrones where the king and queen were sitting. Louis and Malinda kneeled before them. But Keith wasn’t paying attention on what to do. Malinda took him by his shirtsleeve and pulled him down to his knees. The king and queen arose from their thrones and were handed a sword by one of their servants. Syrus and Emily held the sword together and knighted the three teens. 

“For defeating our kingdom’s most ancient enemy and for ridding us of a traitor,” Queen Emily started. She and Syrus knighted Malinda first. “I knight thee Lady Malinda… The Magical.”

Then they knighted Keith “I knight thee Sir Keith…The Courageous.” King Syrus said. They then knighted Louis.

“And we knight thee…Sir Louis... The Wise.” The king and queen both said. The people cheered for the newly knighted teens.

“This is so cool!” Keith said. But then he realized something. “But does that mean we have to stay here in Animachia?”

Queen Emily looked at her husband as he looked at her. “Well, I guess not. But we may need you again in the future.”

            King Syrus pulled out a small, golden hawk statue from his robe pocket and gave it to Keith, “This is one of our magical communicators, and it works between both worlds. If we ever need you again, we’ll make contact with you through this.”

            “Thanks.” Keith said. He turned to Louis. “So I guess you’ll be stayin’ here, buddy? I mean you always said that you wanted to live in this world. And well, your dream has come true.”

“I know I’ve always said that. But now I’m not too sure I wanna stay.” Louis said. Keith was surprised. “After all that we’ve been through, I think I’m ready to go back home and face my fears there. Not to mention that I’m exhausted!”

            “But what about your dream of being a warrior in Animachia?” Keith asked.

“I got to live it!” Louis said. “I battled monsters and villains, saved the kingdom and rescued three beautiful princesses and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.” He turned to the King and Queen. “So thanks a lot for letting me go and not throwing me and Keith into The Dungeon of the Eternal Plague.”

“You’re welcome…I think.” King Syrus said.

“If there’s anything that we can do for you Louis, just let us know.” Queen Emily said.

“Actually there is one thing.” Louis said. He blushed a little. “Would it be alright by you if I took Animata to my school dance next week?”

The princesses were stunned. Animata was especially surprised. She even got red in the face.

“A dance? In your world?!” King Syrus snapped.  Louis cringed, thinking that the king would kill him for asking such a thing. Surprisingly, he cooled down. “Well, let’s just see what she thinks. Animata?”

Animata came by his side. “Daughter, would you accept this young man’s invitation of taking you to his school ball?”

“Would I?!” Animata asked eagerly as she wrapped her arms around Louis. Her non-princess like behavior embarrassed her when she saw everyone staring at her with almost appalled looks on their faces. She let Louis go, whipped the grin off her face and stood up striate. Now calmer she said, “I…I mean, I humbly accept your offer, Master Harivon.”

“Awesome!” Louis cried. “I’ll be back to get you next Saturday.”

“So…how do we get back to Albuquerque?” Keith asked. “And how will we be able to get back here if you need us for anything?”

“Oh, I forgot to mention,” King Syrus said. “Not only is the Hawk statue a way to communicate between both worlds, but if you press in its eyes, you can also travel between the two worlds. You two are welcome here anytime!”

            “Cool!” Keith said. “But before we go,” he turned to Malinda. “Malinda, would you like to go with me to the school dance next Saturday?”

            Malinda was surprised he asked her that. “Well, I still think you’re kind of obnoxious…” Keith wore a frown thinking she was going to say no to him. “But I accept you’re offer!”

Keith couldn’t believe that she said yes, especially since she thought he was a pain. He dropped to his knees. “Oh thank you! Thank you Malinda! I’ll be here next Saturday.”

“Well we better get back home now.” Louis said. “But don’t worry we’ll be back again!”

“Thank you for everything, young ones.” Queen Emily said.

“It was our pleasure!” Said Louis.

All Animachians applauded for him and Keith one more time. Before they departed, Animata blew Louis a kiss. He just smiled at her. With that, Louis and Keith were now on their way back to New Mexico.

One week later, after the crazy adventure Louis and Keith went on in Animachia, Louis was a new person: He became more confident in himself with certain things and he didn’t care what people thought about him anymore. He was now a happier guy.

On the night of the dance, Louis and Keith went back to Animachia to pick up their dates. The dance was incredibly boring, thanks to the strict, disciplinarian chaperon Principal Chopper. There was barely anyone dancing and the only approved music that played was polka music. Louis, Keith, Animata and Malinda were all standing by the snack table.

“Man, this is lame!” Keith complained.

“Indeed,” Animata said. “My sister’s engagement feast was much more thrilling than this! Is this what you call ‘fun’ in your world?”

“No, especially when you have a fun killing principal like Chopper!” Keith said. Chopper was busy glaring at anyone who might want to cause trouble.

Malinda pulled out a small dagger from the sash on her turquoise blue dress. “If he is indeed a murder, than we shall smite him!”

Louis took the dagger away from her. “No, no, he’s not that kind of murderer… I think.”

“Besides, we have our own ways when it comes with dealing with him!” Keith said. He whispered into Louis, Animata and Malinda’s ears. 

Moments later, while the principal was keeping his eye on the senior class, Louis came running up to him in a frantic. “Principal Chopper! Principal Chopper!”

“What is it Harivon?” Principal Chopper asked. “Not up to any mischief, are you?”

“I’m not, but Brick Barson and Connor Cromwell are!” Louis said. “They’re beating up Tristian Una in the back ally!”

“What?!” Cried Chopper. “Well, they won’t get away with this! I’m finally going to expel those thugs!”

He ran out the gymnasium back door that lead to a dead end, brick wall ally (that was often used for dodge ball). To his surprise, no one was there. “What the…?” Just then the door slammed shut right behind him! He ran up to the door and tried to open it! “Let me in, you hoodlums! LET ME IN!”

Animata and Malinda went along with Keith’s plan and used their magical powers to seal the door tight shut so Chopper couldn’t escape! Malinda, Louis, Keith and Animata high fived each other.

“That was most mischievous!” Animata said. “And I liked it!”

“So what now?” Malinda asked. 

“Malinda, my dear I’m so glad you asked.” Keith said. He left to go up on to the mini stage.

A moment later, spotlights came on over the stage that grabbed all the teenagers’ attention. Keith with is guitar and four other boys with different musical interments stood ready to rock. Keith tapped on the microphone. “Hello Hullabaloo High! Are you ready to rock, Chopper free style?” 

The crowd went wild with excitement.

“Okay!” Keith cried. “Then get ready! ‘Cause we’re Keith, Frankie, PJ, Bill-I-B and Sludge…The Molten Lava Guys!” The crowd cheered. “This first song goes out to a little lady named Malinda!” A spot light came on over her and she blushed with flattery.  

All the students cheered as the band started playing. Keith ripped on his electric guitar for about three minutes, then his entire band joined in with rock n’ roll music. The dance came to life with more enjoyable music playing with people dancing to it and having a blast. Even though there was no rock music in Animachia, Malinda loved it. Louis and Animata even had a great time!

            “Your world is most amusing!” Animata said.

            “If you like this, wait till you see this movie I’m making in my 3-D Animation class,” Louis said. “It’s all about our adventure last week.”

            Suddenly Brick Barson came over to the dancing couple and tried to hit on Animata.

            “Hey,” Brick said to her. “Why’s a pretty girl like you dancing with a loser like Louis? You should be dancing with a much better, cooler guy…like me!”

            Brick disgusted Animata. “Insolent troll!” she spat at him. “You dare speak to me that way?! Art thou blind? Can you not see that I am with Louis?”

            “You talk funny.” Brick said. He grabbed her hand. “Come on and dance with me!”

            “Hey! You leave Animata alone!” Louis snapped.

“And what are you gonna do about it Louis?” Brick asked tauntingly. He had a smug grin on his face. Louis glared at him, he pulled out a magic wand from his pocket (that Animata had given him before they came to Albuquerque) and while no one was looking, he used the wand to turn Brick into a mouse. Brick was both confused and shocked at what Louis did to him. He looked back up at Louis.

“Boo!” he simply said to Brick. Brick as a mouse ran away frightened. Louis’ brother Chris who was sitting on the bleachers witnessed what he did to Brick and was totally surprised.

“Dude!” He said to Jason who sat next to him. “Did you see that? Did you see Louis?”

“Yeah,” Jason said. “How come our dorky brother can get a date and I’m stuck here with you?” Chris gave him a perplexing look.

Louis and Animata stepped outside of the gym into the hallway and away from the crowd.

“Sorry about him.”

            “Thank you for saving me.” Animata said.

“Hey no problem” Louis said. “You know, if I didn’t go to Animachia, I would have never found the courage to stand up to that guy. He used to always freak me out. I also wouldn’t be here with you right now. And I’m glad I met you Animata. Thanks for sending out that Wishing Gem.”

“You do not have to say another word.”

They closed their eyes and leaned in to kiss. Just when their lips were about to meet each other…Malinda came out of the gym and interrupted them.

“Sir Louis! Princess Animata!” Malinda cried. Animata and Louis turned to Malinda. They were disappointed that she ruined their moment.

“Perfect timing Malinda!” Louis said under his breath.

  “What is it, Lady Malinda?” Animata asked.

“I received a word from the queen of Animachia, a new threat is upon the land! She is in need of all of us right away!”

The couple was stunned. “Go get Keith and get ready to leave. We’ll meet you in front of the school!”

Without a word Malinda left. Louis groaned at the fact that they had to go save the world again; and right when he was about to get his first kiss! “They need us already?”

“Our ancient land sees many threats, but we are always in need of a hero. Think you’re up for a new quest?”

Louis grinned. “You bet I am!” He stood tall like a strong, brave hero.  “The new Louis Harivon is always ready to face any kind of danger!”

“Don’t get too cocky,” Animata said. “You only saved Animachia one time.”

So Louis, Keith, Malinda and Animata went back to Animachia to face the new danger, and of course they succeeded in their mission.

Louis was no longer the butt of everyone’s jokes or fearful of bullies, he was now a confident new person who could face anything. And if it wasn’t for Animata’s comic books and the wishing gem, Louis Harivon would have never gone from a boy…to a young man. 


The End.