The Classroom Contract


Graduation Year:




Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. Use the back of the page, if necessary.


What are your goals for this class (get a credit, practice your writing, explore a career, get published, etc.) and why are they important to you?






What will you do, as a student, to achieve these goals?






What will your parent or guardian do to help you achieve these goals?





Your teacher, Robert Greene, promises to be on time and prepared for every class, barring sickness, professional/educational obligation, or family emergency. He will conduct himself professionally and treat you with respect. Mr. Greene will make himself available for after-school help each Tuesday afternoon and at other times by appointment. Mr. Greene will work to stay current and knowledgeable about his subject matter. Mr. Greene will strive to maintain a classroom climate of respect, curiosity, and engagement. He will take your work and goals seriously, and help you to succeed.


Student Signature and Printed Name ____________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature and Printed Name_____________________________________________


Teacher Signature and Printed Name ____________________________________________________


Class Overview, and Expectations Acknowledgement
The undersigned agree they have read and accepted Robert Greene’s classroom policies and expectations for _________________________________________________, running __________________________________.

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