Creative Writing Final


Your CW final is due the day of your scheduled exam. The final will encompass all three CW units, to wit: drama, short story and poetry.

If you've survived this far, you've probably accomplished a few things you never had before. You wrote several thousand words' worth of short stories. You wrote scripts. You will be writing scads of poetry.

So why should your final be any less personally groundbreaking? Answer: It should not.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it (which you will) is to create a group book or a solo literary magazine.

For the book, you'll use, a publish-on-demand site, and Mr. Greene will give you the template. The book will need a title, back cover, front cover, forward, introduction, and a table of contents (each chapter being the name of a student involved). The book is a group project, which means it will be edited, critiqued, and formatted as a group. With so many eyes upon it, my standard for typos and misspellings will be mighty high.

For the magazine, you will need to go here and create an account. Your magazine will likely be 12 to 20 pages in length (you can only go up or down four pages at a time).

Creating the magazine will require you to be visually orientated as well as word wise. Use pictures and drawings. Bring flash drives full of images. Use fun fonts. Make it pretty.

MagCloud and LuLu are a POD (publish on demand) site that allows you to upload books and magazines that you create and sell them via the World Wide Web. Magazines and books are only printed as they are ordered and the customer pays for each individual copy. As publisher, this costs you nothing and you can even order a test copy (paying for shipping). This test copy might be a good souvenir of this class. You can post them for sale if you want; maybe you will make millions and can pay for college.

Each student will contribute one short story, an essay on writing, one script, and fifteen NEW poems. Each poetry form (English sonnet, villanelle, rap, etc.) can be used only once. Your writing essay should include some basic biographical information, reflections on your craft book and chosen writer quote, and should really focus on your writing life. I'm thinking 700 words should cover all your bases and allow you to be inclusive of your experience inside and outside of class. Talk about what your peers (and teacher) say about your writing and discuss what you might do to improve. Share your goals.

Questions? Talk to me one-on-one.