Why You Should Listen To Bon Jovi

People should listen to the band Bon Jovi.  It has lasted 25 years and is still touring and recording new music. The songs that the band has produced express a wide range of emotions and meanings. The music ranges from rock to rock with a country flair.

The members of the band got together in 1984, making this their 25th year as a band. They recently went on their Lost Highway tour. “Lost Highway” is their most recent album which came out in 2008. Other albums that they have made over the years include “Slippery When Wet,” “7800 Fahrenheit,”  “Crossroads,” “Have A Nice Day” and “Crush.” Bon Jovi’s concerts are usually sold out or at least close to it. The tickets for the concerts often sell for a lot. For example, to go see them on their Lost Highway tour in Boston back row seat in the top balcony sold for $75 on the day the tickets came out. This implies that they are still popular and people still enjoy watching them perform.






People Should Learn To Ride Horses

It is a good idea to ride horses because it is an awesome activity that helps you get outside and work with animals. In addition it is a great way to get exercise and build stronger muscles in your legs. You find out helpful information that you may not know about a certain animal. Horses also do not use gasoline, so it is a great way to get around in the rural areas of New Hampshire.

Riding horses is a great thing to do because you have a chance to get outside and work with animals. You learn more about the farmland outside and the animals you work with. You will also be able to know your horse this way. Working outside helped the horses to know you and how you work.





Become a musician

You should be a musician.  Musicians express their thoughts and feelings through their music and songs.  Also, musical talent can lead to multiple career paths.  Lastly, careers such as being a musician cause you to meet and interact with new people, therefore you will make friends.

Musician choose what message they wish to send through there music.  You could make someone feel happy, sad, angry, etc. by the melody of your songs, or you could send a message through your lyrics.  For example, Land of Confusion by Disturbed explains how he believes that the world is corrupted by the rich and a revolution of sorts is in order.  Hands Held High by Linkin Park and Citizen/Soldier by 3 Doors Down both express they feel that the military deserves respect and will always be there when they’re needed; they say that we really don’t know what wars are like or what is needed to run a country so we should keep our mouths shut and our rude comments to ourselves.



Start to recycle

More people should recycle. Recycling things such as glass, plastic, and paper would also make sure there is less waste in the environment. Recycling would also create more material to produce new products with instead of having to make it all over again. It is not hard to put recycle and yet 23% of Americans do not.

Making sure that we eliminate some of the waste that goes into the environment would do us wonders. Recycling would help make sure of that. If people recycled half of the paper that they use or the glass bottles they use we would have much less trash in the world. Landfills across the world are reaching capacity and the waste is actually degrading the environment it’s sitting on so if we can recycle some there would be more room for trash and it would be better kept. Garbage is also taking up a lot of space that we could occupy with buildings and houses if it wasn’t growing there.




Take a walk

The average person should substitute one of the errands he or she runs each day with walking. It is a low-impact alternative to running or jogging, and can actually lengthen the life expectancy of the average person. Walkers are also less likely to develop heart conditions, cancers, stroke, and diabetes. Walking has also been proven to stabilize mental health.

The numbers are astonishing of the benefits walking can give you. Studies have shown that adults who are active have a thirty-five percent less of a chance to die in eight years than those who are not. That percentage increases another ten percent for those who are not as healthy for example; people with heart conditions, diabetes, and even smokers. After an experiment in Hawaii that took place over a twelve-year period, it was proven that those who walked actually had a two and a half times less chance of developing cancer than the non-walkers.






Buy American

American cars have many good qualities and there are a variety of reasons why it is a good idea to buy cars from this country, rather than from a foreign country. The first reason that American cars are a smart investment is because when you buy a car made in America, the purchase supports workers from this country, and more US workers won’t be laid off because of lack of people buying cars. Also, if a car that is made in America gets into an accident, or a part breaks, it is more expensive to buy replacement parts for foreign cars then it is for a car that was made in this country. Most car technicians agree that American cars get more horse power then foreign cars.            

Buying American cars, means that you are supporting American businesses and workers form this country. Since there are many companies going out of business because no one is buying their products, if you buy from companies from this country, it will help the country as a whole. In turn, American cars need American parts, which supports even more workers from the US who manufacture the parts. Over twenty thousand workers have been laid off from car companies in this country because people are buying foreign cars, and in total over three million Americans work at automotive companies.




Clean up your act

People should be more environmentally clean.  You’ll feel good about doing something for the environment. It will result in less global warming and a healthier environment for you and your family. Walking instead of driving is healthy for you and your environment.

One reason why you should be more environmentally clean is that you will feel good about doing something for the environment. Imagine if you threw something on the ground and some type of animal ate it and died. You would feel terrible for being the cause of an animal’s death. Every year, there are about 700,000 to 1,000,000 seabirds that die as a cause of litter. If you clean the world as you go by, you will feel good about keeping yourself and others, such as animals, safe and happy.



Learn a new language

HTML is one of the simplest Web Site languages, and everyone should learn it, because it is extremely efficient. It is basically the core of the building a Web Site and, if you know it you can build a useful search engine or make a webpage designing business once you are good enough. Knowing the basics of HTML will help you build simple but useful Web Sites that you can use for almost anything, such as promoting a company, a band, an artist, or a business. Also, you don’t have to pay the thousands of dollars graphic and web designers charge.  

HTML is useful for a lot of business relating careers. Since it is basically the foundation of a Web Site, and can aid you in promoting your business or company. You could also open a webpage design online studio or sell your own tutorials, and earn money from learning HTML. Many successful people make a living off of coding other people’s sites or fixing codes.




Watch “Doctor Who”

People should watch “Doctor Who,” a British science fiction television series about an alien who travels with different companions through time and space.  The characters in “Doctor Who” even sometimes meet historical figures; such as Madame de Pompadour and Charles Dickens. The show displays the concept of friendship throughout the marvelous adventures that occur. It is the longest continuing science fiction series in television history.

In the show, the characters sometimes come in contact with people and events from history. In one episode, the Doctor and his companion Rose meet the writer Charles Dickens in 19th century Cardiff on Christmas Eve. The Doctor has a romantic meeting with Madame de Pompadour, mistress of French King Louis XV, in an episode called “Girl in the Fireplace”. There is even an episode where the Doctor meets Agatha Christie on the date of her disappearance; in which case a fictional explanation is given for the mysterious disappearance, concerning a giant alien wasp. The Doctor also encounters William Shakespeare in a story of witches and Shakespeare's lost play “Love's Labor's Won”. The Doctor and his companions go back in time to various events in history. Some events include the London Blitz in 1941, the destruction of Pompeii, Elizabeth II's coronation, and the Great Depression in New York City. The Doctor wouldn't be able to survive all of his historical and non-historical adventures without his devoted friends.