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Types of writing

Descriptive Paragraphs Assignment

The Persuasive Essay

Compare/Contrast Essay

The Process Essay

Language Skills

Writing is mean to inform, entertain, or convince the reader. It's a compare/contrast assignment, a persuasive essay, a report or a biography, chock full of good, well-attributed facts and convincing arguments. The mission of this class is to make you a better writer. By the time the semester is over, if you work hard, you should have a better grasp of writing fundamentals and be writing more effectively, clearly and concisely.

Policies and Expectations

Test your Grammar!

Vocabulary Insanity!

Why study grammar?

The Fantastic Four

Diagramming Sentences

Parts of Speech

The Paragraph

Editing Assignment

Run-On Sentences

The Great American Think-Off

Common Word-Choice Mistakes

Revising Sentences