Maybe you need it, maybe you don't ...


... but here is the one way to get it. Find a sci-fi book to read on your own time; any sci-fi sub-genre will do but I will have final approval on the book.

The assignment is (pick one):

Make a soundtrack for the book of at least 10 songs. (Your best bet is to burn a CD.) You must include liner notes to show how each song represents various themes and plotlines in the book.

Pretend you are a newspaper reporter and conduct an interview with the main character of the book. Ask the character at least 10 open-ended questions and supply the answers as the character would speak them. Each exchange should include at least 100 words.

Write an original song or rap about the book, from the perspective of the main character and perform it for class.

Imagine your book is being turned into a movie. Pick actors to play at least eight characters in the book and explain each choice in two to three sentences. Use a quote from each actor you pick to back up your choice. Also, write about where you would film the movie and why. If your book already is a movie, cast the remake.

Write a 1,000-word sequel to the book that shows what happens after the final chapter.

Make a video that condenses the plot of the book into seven minutes of action and dialogue.

Turn the book into a graphic novel or series of comic books.

Write an opera about the book.