Hell Stage Two – The Practicum

practicum is a course or unit, often in a specialized field of study, that is designed to give students supervised practical application of a previously or concurrently studied theory.

So what, in theory, do you know?


-Journalism ethics

- Creating source and question lists

-- Establishing the credibility of sources and newsworthiness of stories.

- Conducting interviews and surveys

- AP Style

- Inverted Pyramid writing

- Review writing

- Opinion writing

-- Long-form journalism

Let’s see what you can do with it. We’ll split the class into two separate news staffs, each with an editor in-chief selected at random.  The editor in-in chief will hire a managing editor and these two professionals will be responsible for filling the following 10 to 11 positions: news editor, arts editor, sports editor, lifestyles/features editor, business editor, op-ed editor, marketing manager (each of these positions may do double-duty as reporter) and a stable of reporters.

Each news staff will be responsible for producing one news package, one arts package, one sports package, one lifestyles package, one business package, and one op-ed package (all at third draft, illustrated with a photo or graphic) each Thursday (EOC) until the semester ends. These packages will be posted on the Panther Prints Online site (PantherPrintsOnline.org).

Section editors will be in charge of the quality of the content; the managing editors and EICs will oversee the general operations and deadlines of their staff. The marketing manager will use social networking and other tools to make sure readers see the stories you will publish. Prior to each news cycle the editor in-chief and managing editor will meet with the publisher/consultant (me) to tell him about the stories planned; the publisher has veto power over any package or story.

After each deadline, the Bag of Destiny will come out and present real-world problems that the staffs will have to cope with.

Students will receive two big grades from this assignment: one given by their peers and another, mitigating grade, by the publisher.

Your first deadline is Thursday, Dec. 12.