Accept, Except

Affect, Effect

Allusion, Illusion

Capital, Capitol

Climactic, Climatic

Elicit, Illicit

Emigrate from, Immigrate to

Principle, Principal

Than, Then

There, Their, They're

To, Too, Two:

Your, You're

Its, it’s

Horde, hoard

Past, passed

Rein, reign, rain

Whose, who’s

Already, all ready

Everyday, every day


Lie, Lay

Set, Sit

Who, Which, That

Who, whom

That, which

Me, I

Sight, site, cite

Alternate, alternative

Among, between

Farther, further

Fewer, less



Presently, currently


Would, should, will


Problem phrases:

I was suppose to get an A.

I use to get A’s all the time.

I must work harder towards an A.

I look forwards to an A.

I worked hard and got a B anyways.

I gave the student their grade.

Where’s the dogs?

There’s wolves in my walls.